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On Juice Boxes

Juice boxes are pretty awesome. They are one of my favorite things.

There is a comfort in juice boxes that other drinks do not bring.

When life is stressful and hard and you'd like to crawl into a hole, or turn back time until you're five again, drink a juice box, you'll feel better.

It has a bendy straw.

What could be better?

I'd like a giant juice box for my birthday. Juicy Juice, Strawberry Kiwi flavor please, if you don't mind, or maybe these will do.


Okay, here are the things I want to say to you:

1. I had an awesome summer and I took a lot of pictures. You can check them out here.

2. I really like driving by myself along the interstate. Stella, Henry, and I had a lot of bonding time. We're all very close now.

3. I'm really grateful I have a good car that never broke down once. I pray she remains that way.

4. I won't tell you who I wished was sitting next to me sometimes while I was driving because it is completely ridiculous. I will tell you the conversation I imagined us having in my head. I would tell him I don't like driving at night, it stresses me out. Then he'd laugh at me and make some comment about how that is because I'm a girl and crazy. Then I'd say yes I AM a girl and I AM crazy and I don't like driving at night. Then he'd laugh again and shake his head. Then he'd offer to drive, but he'd say it like this, "I can drive if you want" as though it's a slight inconveni…

I Wonder oh I Wonder, How Long It'd Take Me to Die

Yesterday I made all of these grand plans for this week. I even made a list for my productivity so I would make sure not to forget a single thing that needed to be done. I envisioned myself, bright eyed and bushy-tailed (although really, that image just makes me think I'd wake up with Hermione hair. Not impossible since I'm back in VT and it took some wrangling yesterday to keep my head from looking like a mushroom) ready and raring to go, so by the time the end of the week came, I'd be so ready for school to start, I'd be in the zone.

Part of my plans included updating this blog with some final photos from my summer.

My body awoke of its own accord at 6 AM, which was when I began to consider the very serious and real possibility that I might die today.

After two hours I mustered enough energy to take drugs and crawl back into bed. At 10 I decided to watch some hulu. Then my computer decided it hated me (school laptop.) Then the internet did too.

Its finally working right …

Tisbury Lane

Here I sit, in Provo once again. The air here is chilly.

Just over a week ago, was that really just last Tuesday? Weddings make life seem longer, in a good way. I was in Provo, and outside with Nate on a warm summer evening. Last night I was outside with Shena and the air was cool, with a chilly crispness that spoke of fall. It made me a little sad, but also excited at the same time.

I don't know that I'm ready for summer to be over. I'm ready for school to start, I feel good about it. I'm not even really worried about the drive back, which starts tomorrow. I just don't want to leave the west. Why doesn't Vermont just come here? Then I could stay out here, where I love it, and feel at home. West is the best.

This summer has really been most excellent, my summer of fun and happiness. It was a success :)

In closing, I spent time this summer drawing pictures for Jackie. This guy was a recurring character.

His name is Andrew. He is a dancing muffin. Today he is blueberr…

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom's birthday tribute is a day late because my older brother Aaron got married yesterday.

So how do you blog about your mother? She carried you around for nine months while you made her sick and ate all her food, then she went through the worst pain in the world to bring you into this world, and then lives her life knowing at any moment you could be terribly maimed or die. Even after all the torture you put her through for nine months she actually cares about what happens to you, and spends the rest of your life trying to make sure you're fed, clothed, educated, healthy, happy, clean, and righteous.

Mothers are insane. How do they do it? Let me get more to the point and say how does MY mother do it, because not only is she a typical mother, she is the most awesome mother.

So what do you say. My mom has taught me about serving people, because she is always doing it, so freely and easily. She has taught me how to express love, because she gives hugs and kisses and tells us she …