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Parce Que C'est Mon Anniversaire

It's funny how we can use our birthday as an excuse to do things or to make things acceptable. Like, I slept in until 9:30 BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Or I bought a fancy, delicious pastry from Show Gourmand for breakfast BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Or I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. You get the idea. People have to accept your behavior because it is your birthday. It's kind of awesome.

The days leading up to my birthday were also pretty great. On Thursday I went to Paris and my friend Jessi and I went to the Catacombs. They were awesome. They were cold and damp and filled with dead bodies, but the history was interesting and it was pretty cool.

 Yes that is a mountain of bones and skulls. They just piled the bodies in there, kind of sad, but then later they tried to organize them.  This guy that worked in the catacombs in the area where they quarried limestone carved these images.  From memory.
 A spring in the catacombs. I threw in a …

La Jocond: Or How to see Everything you Want at the Louvre in One Visit

Okay before I get to anything else I have to give a plug to the TV show Fringe. First of all, not enough people are watching it, which has been true from the beginning. They've scraped their way into a fourth season. Some say that new viewers can hop on to this season and it'll be fine. I think that is a load of garbage. You have to watch it from the beginning or you won't care as much. I just caught up on the first four episodes of this season and the ending of the last episode left me overjoyed. A feeling I would not have had if I had not been following Fringe from the beginning. It is still an excellent show though.You need to watch it. If you ever watched and loved the X Files, then Fringe is totally for you. If you didn't, try something new for crying out loud! Fringe, Fridays on Fox. Do it, or ELSE! Now, moving on...

Tell me, why do the French insist on translating EVERYTHING into "French?" I mean, Mona Lisa, it's a name. Didn't Nat King Cole sa…

En Octobre, et mon anniversaire

I know we're supposed to hate BP, since they blew up the Gulf Coast last year.

All those poor little animals that had to swim in oil :(

But, I've been desperately searching for pumpkin-y goodness here in France and not finding any. Apparently they don't have a taste for it. It's almost my birthday, and if the past six years tell you anything (pumpkin party anyone?) pumpkin is a necessary part of my birthday/the month of October/life.

Today, at BP, I found this:

cream of pumpkin soup
Now it feels like fall, and now, in a few weeks, I can turn 26. Merci BP. You really screwed up cleaning up the Gulf Coast, but you've made my October complete.


The first is from my boatride on the Seine. The second is from the top of L'Arc. I make faces in videos. I don't know what else to do.

Salut! Ca va?

Don't you miss my Chanson de semaine?

Of course not. I'm the only person that ever paid any attention to the new song every week.

Well, I miss it. Due to licensing restrictions doesn't work over here.

So here is a link to Tonight I Have to Leave It by the Shout Out Louds. I'm pretty sure the Shout Out Louds are on my list of favorite music to listen to whilst walking about France.

Speaking of France... do you want to stand on top of L'Arc de Triomph with me? Or take a boatride on the Seine?

Well okay, I took these videos for YOU dear reader. So it is like you are in France here with me!(The internet isn't working very well right now, I promise, these videos are coming soon!!)

Liam is loving France too. He loved our boat ride with our lovely tour guide, who I think said his name was Frank... I can't remember now.

In other news, it is OCTOBER! Hooray for being the best month ever! It is still unnaturally warm here. According to the Pharmacie outsi…