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Yesterday was one of  those days when I was reminded why I went to law school.

This last October when my church had it's General Conference Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave this talk on protecting children. I just sat there the entire time thinking, "yes. So much yes!"

I have this little blog, for anyone to see. I don't know who will come across this spot and read it. I don't know if it'll be someone who lives in Connecticut, or some one who is just struggling to come to grips with the idea that we live in a world where someone would walk into an elementary school and start shooting innocent children.

Yesterday I hugged my nieces and nephew a little tighter and told them I love them a little more.

I can do so very little for people on the other side of the country whose hearts are broken. Christmas is coming, this should be a time of happiness and love.

Just in case you've happened upon here today, in whatever mood you may be in, I want you to know that whether…

Christmas Card

I found out I have had three people from Poland look at my blog. Please come back! Unless you are the people who have been spamming me. Then go away.

I just took this picture for our family Christmas card. Everyone has to hold a letter of our last name in the picture. I am 'N.' Hence the letter. Anyway, here is a brief Christmas letter update on my life. In case my blog in general was insufficient for you to know.

Lets do a one thing a month thing okay?

January: I found myself back in Vermont ready to start my last semester of law school. I lived in a little apartment right across the street from the school. It was ideal, except there was no counter space.

February: I believe it was February when I was finally able to get to Middlebury Vermont and visit my friend Kathy and take a tour of Middlebury. I liked Middlebury. Go visit. I also like Kathy. I won't invite you to her house though, because that is rude.

March: I spent my spring break in Utah visiting my sister Alicia.…

Christmastime is Here

Life is flying by fast guys. I can't believe that in a mere matter of weeks it is going to be Christmas.

My job is going as well as can be I suppose. Did I ever tell you I got a job? I work at an elementary school. It is pretty much adventure time all the time.

Things around here have been pretty crazy,  we finally got the house all decorated for Christmas yesterday. This year for the church Christmas business I've had to pull out my flute, which I haven't played since 2010. I've had my flute for about 12 years now, so it really needs to be fixed. It makes me sad to have to mess with it as much as I do to keep it in tune. My plan this week is to see what I can get done on it just this week, in time for the 23rd, the Sunday before Christmas. I had to play it tonight for a stake fireside, it was... interesting.

Anyway, now my sister and I are reveling in the joy of the ABC Family original musical "The Mistle-Tones." Tia Mowry guys, you know, the pretty one. She…