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This Fall, my blog and it's address and title are going to become totally legit folks.

I have been officially accepted into the study abroad program for Fall 2011 to Cergy Pontoise University in France.

Je suis joyeuse!
C'est tout. 

I Feel that Ice is Slowly Melting

Okay, life update:

Spring Break!
My spring break was in early March. I went down to Leominster, MA that Wednesday through Saturday and I:
went to the Louisa May Alcott house in Concord where I learned:that Louisa's father believed in implementing things in school like recess, and music, and the arts. You know, all those things they're trying to take out now? He was instrumental in getting them put in in the first place.I found out that Louisa's younger sister taught someone very important how to sculpt...I saw Ralph Waldo Emerson's houseI went to Hanscom Airforce BaseI watched a lot of Cake BossI ate lunch on Saturday at California Pizza Kitchen.I got a California Club on honey whole wheat and it was delicious the sun was shining outside and I felt like all was right with the worldI went to the Museum of Fine Artthere was all manner of amazing art there. We were there for several hours and there was no possible way I could have seen everything there.I love Museums. I love…