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I Find it Difficult to Relax in the Summertime

I am so excited for the Fall, or as I like to refer to this blessed season l'automne. Automne has always been my most favorite time of the year, for several reasons. First of all it is the home of the best month ever, aka October. It also brings great pumpkin festivities. Automne weather is also amazing; cool, crisp air, wonderful colors, basically my entire wardrobe is perfect for automne.
This summer has been sort of a bummer. I pretty much failed at making any lasting friendships in the ward I am currently in. Summer term has been fairly lonesome sans roommates, and I am just starting to get used to and enjoy my job. When fall comes I'll be moving back into the good old 51st ward. At first I was slightly hesitant about this, but it really felt like the right thing to do. I had some of the best times of my life in that ward, and its all completely different now anyway, so although I know it'll still be really great, it'll be wonderfully new in so many ways. This tim…

Do You Remember When We Were Just Kids?

It started off with a little chat,
who knew it would grow to be more than that?
Over the last two years we became such good friends;
remember that time we wished the LSAT would end?
Now its all over just like that,
because of something we said on the Google chat.
Our interests were common
our humor senses compared
but for what happened next
I could never be prepared.
A statement so simple,
I never could guess,
that our long friendship would be put to the test.
"I heart m&ms," and you quickly concurred
but then the lines of our understanding were quickly blurred.
"I think plain is best,"
"Oh but Trent, everyone knows peanut butter is the best!"
That was that,
the end of the line,
an end to our friendship that has been so fine.
I wish you great luck in all your endeavors,
but there is one thing I hope you remember:
and that is that peanut butter is still better!

The Sound and the Fury

Today was such a weird and interesting day. I felt sort of bummed this morning, I think being completely roommateless has bugged me more than I thought it would (since I thought I would love it.) I decided to just set my sights on church and focus on good positive things to lift my spirits, and this afternoon after church I was feeling better, but sort of restless.
I thought about taking a walk for about an hour, and then I finally decided to take one. It was a long walk too. I walked up to campus in a roundabout way and settled on the little pool area next to the MOA with all the statues. I was reading and sort of dozing, and it was eerily quiet, I loved it. This may sound odd but I'd walk right up to the statues and stare them in the face, analyzing the artwork in front of me. It was like real people frozen in time. I did eventually however start on my trek home. I decided to go the old familiar way down the hill behind the JSB and then walk along 200 E for a bit.
Once I crossed t…

Its Hard to Argue When You Won't Stop Making Sense

Life is funny. By funny I mean ridiculous. So, here is the official list of law schools I am going to apply to.

Dream Schools: Boston College (yes I only have one)
Competitive School: William and Mary, BYU, Denver, New York, UC Davis, Hawai'i, Chicago, Northeastern
Safety Schools: Gonzaga, Baltimore, Franklin Pierce

I wish it were next fall already, I should have just applied last September to start this fall. Oh well, what can you do right?

In other news, I go to LA next week for four days and will not have internet access that whole time. I may die.
Happy Fourthof July!