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C is for Cookie, Thats Good Enough for Me

La Dolcezza tagged me, and I have to say, I feel honored, I've never been tagged before. So, I hope the people I tag feel the same way... Shushi, you are tagged. K-Lowe, consider yourself tagged. Chelmo, thou art tagged. If you have not been tagged, don't feel bad, I still love you, but La Dolcezza only tagged three people and I can only copy what she did, as I don't know how these tagging situations work...

I am- watching CSI: Miami

I think - I might buy myself a Love Sac for my birthday

I want - to write a hit song, and go to Mexico with Switz for Thanksgiving

I have - a sweet potato I plan on eating this weekend

I wish - I could grant everyone else's happy wishes

I hate - when people are fake.

I miss - cuddling

I fear - dolphins (hahaha, not really)

I feel - like going swimming

I hear - people sitting outside my apartment talking

I smell - the cool night air

I search - for a quality guitar

I wonder - when is the right time to tell someone you love them

I regret - when I let my f…

Re: A Mormon for Obama in New Hampshire

Dear Trent,
I read your post about why you're voting for Barack Obama. I felt you explained yourself very well, but I did want to respond to all of the reasons you enumerated for why your vote is going to this man. I would like to respectfully respond to each of your reasons with some thoughts of my own. Thank you.

1) He has family values. I can't really argue with you there about his family. When I see him and his family together they really seem to love each other and I like that. Jihad-ist fist bumps and all.
2) He is smart. Once again, agreed. I do have to say however, that I find it interesting that someone in his situation, who I believe is the embodiment of the American dream, would want the Federal government to get so involved in people's lives. Usually the Federal government creates road blocks with its involvement, it does not remove them. (Specific examples to follow.)
3)He is smooth- yes. He is a powerful speaker. While I do find the ability to deliver speeches we…

There's a Story at the Bottom of This Bottle and I'm the Pen

I wasn't really planning on blogging until I could perfect my response to Trent's post about Barack, but today I really missed my blog, and I feel like I need to think, so maybe this post will never make it to the world wide web, but if it does, I'm leaving it unedited, so sorry for the stream of consciousness. Trent, I promise, my politics post is coming.
My life is good right now, I have good roommates, I live in a good place, I'm in a good ward, I have a good family, tonight I went to the gym, I'll admit I haven't been in awhile, and it was awesome. Now I'm listening to this CD Nate gave me, and you all know how I feel about new good music, and Nate's ability to cram 32 albums on one CD astounds me, so my life right now is pretty much awesome.
I don't have any important or deep thoughts right now, I just am sort of overwhelmed right now with how good my life is. Sometimes I'm pretty awful at focusing on the good, and then I sort of get into thi…

Look Children to the Eastern Sky

The best way to describe my week would probably be "intense." I can't remember the last time I was this exhausted. So I wanted to show you a little video I made that was part of the reason of my exhaustion.
Yesterday was United Way's Day of Caring. Everyone at my work was in charge of a project at one of our agencies. Several different groups in the community gave four hours in the morning to volunteer to improve the agency in some way. I was in charge of the Family Support and Treatment Center, BYU came and gave them a beautiful new sign, as well as cleaned toys and rooms, painted their shed, cleaned their parking lot, cleaned bathrooms and windows, and basically made the place beautiful. It was a lot of fun actually, but I am so glad its over.
Part of my job was to take pictures to document this event. So of course I made a video with them. The music is Anberlin.
I would also like to say that in the video at the end I had already been up for three hours, don't jud…

What Good Does Us Reason, if We Fail to See?

This post won't be long, because I want my link to speak for itself. I did want to say before I get into anything else that it rained on me this morning as I was walking to the RB to play volleyball, and it was absolutely fabulous, except I didn't wrap my ankles, and now they hurt.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I watched some of the Democratic Convention last week and I listened to Barack Obama's speech. I liked a lot of what he had to say. Saying something however, and actually doing it, are two very different things.
That's why I'm voting for Bob Barr for president. The beauty of America is that although my candidate may not win, I have the right to voice my opinion, that I think real change would come from someone else (read not Democrat or Republican) in office. I'm a libertarian anyway, I believe in little government. (Alicia, read: baby government). So I just wanted to say that. I'm voting for Bob Barr because I love America. So you can read about h…