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Pumpkin... to your Health

So this last Sunday was my birthday, and we all know what that means... PUMPKIN PARTY!!!!! This is the happiest occasion in a young girl's life, especially when she is turning twenty one and can have pumpkin beer!( Don't worry, that didn't actually happen.)
There was a cornucopia of pumpkin delights, such as Meg and Bukran's Pumpkin cheese cake, and the ever popular pumpkin roll, and Al's famous pumpkin pudding. This year we also had pumpkin scones and muffins, and Chelm made a fabulous pumpkin bread pudding. Of course there were various and sundry varieties of pumpkin cookies, and a loaf of pumpkin bread, and pumpkin brownies to top it all off! This year we also saw the addition of the pumpkin pancake. And what party would be complete without a pumpkin pie?? I hope that everyone reading this that didn't attend is sufficiently jealous.
Well, the semester is now half over. Its been quite a semester, let me tell you, most of my classes turned out to be very disappo…


Today is a very special day in the life of my little sister. She is turning 18. I remember when she was a little baby ( I was three when she was born, well, almost). So, Let me list some of the reasons I love my sister.
1. We shared a room for years, and fought all the time, what fun.
2. She lets me call her various and sundry nicknames. Some of the ones she finds less embarrassing are shushi(which actually isn't a Lindsey original, I'll admit) and gorilla.
3. She lets me provoke and tease her, and she always rises to the occasion by getting mad and offended ( she secretly likes it, don't worry).
4. She always loses at our laughing contests.
5. She finds me hilarious ( who doesn't??)
6. She makes weird noises, and always at the necessary moment.
7. She listens to my problems.
8. I know she cares about my happiness.
9.She speaks french with me.
10. She confides in me, and I trust her with my secrets too.
See! Isn't she great? So happy birthday Alicia Face! And always remember,…

If This Isn't Love...