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Go On and Get Your Own Life, and Live it Your Way

I would like to thank you, my loyal blog readership, as I have journeyed through this time period of loss and confusion. Here I am, back in Phoenix, wanting to return to Provo come May. Please, allow me to explain. Even with everything I have typed on here, I have only explained one tenth of my thought process.
About a year ago, I think it was, maybe a little bit longer than that, I lost sight of who I was. There was a time when I thought I would never find myself again. It was astounding really, the person I turned into, miserably unhappy, when really, I knew I should be quite happy. I just sort of fell apart. That is when it all began, my desperation to run away from everything and everyone to escape everything.
I knew I needed a break from Provo, mainly because I was afraid that I would become trapped in a cycle if I stayed there. I wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, where no one knew my name really. Not the show Cheers, but the song Boston, does that make sense?
I'm glad I went to…

Dear I Fear We're Facing a Problem

I have been feeling off for the past couple of days. I think I'm failing at life.
I got a job. Its part time, as a tutor for kids. I have two job interviews this week. So things are looking up there.
I'm not very good at letting go of some things.
I fell down ice skating for the first time in my life last week. It wasn't even my fault. Some kid that likes to skate backwards ran into me while I was skating toward the exit.
My body hurts, I think I'm allergic to the planet earth. Which is mildly problematic since I'm not really sure I could survive very long on another planet.
I have nothing else to say. This post isn't very positive...
Tyler is coming home soon. There, thats positive.

The Great Lie About Illegal Immigration

I read Todd's blog recently. So I found this article about illegal immigration which gets to the fact of the matter. Illegal immigrants actually cost America money. All these years and all that crap about them taking jobs no one else wants and keeping the economy running is a huge lie. Now, not only are we spending money on the illegal immigrants that are already here, we're wasting time and money building a big wall to keep immigrants out. I will admit, that if, after the wall is done, it accomplishes it's goal I will be the first to admit I was wrong and the wall is a good idea. Until that happens however, I am taking the stance that this wall won't make a bit of difference when it comes to illegal immigrants. They are still going to come, and the government isn't going to do anything to stop them.
I do feel sorry for people that are so desperate to leave their country that they come here illegally, but there needs to be a new solution, called fixing the immigrati…


Sometimes you need to watch something that doesn't stimulate your brain. This video makes me laugh so much.

An Ode to the Perennial Date: Mini Golf and Arcade

I can't say I blame guys, clearly this is something easy to fall back on. You can engage in an activity and still talk and get to know each other. In addition, it is a better choice than bowling, which I have never done on a date, and actually talked a guy out of while we were on a date. Sometimes I wonder however, how many first dates do guys go on where they take a girl to do this, because right off the bat I can think of six dates I have gone on that consisted of these activities at least in partial form. Considering the fact that I really haven't gone on that many dates in my lifetime, that is saying something.
In my last ward in the dating class the teacher said competitive dates such as mini golf are a bad idea for first dates, because when people get competitive they aren't at their best, case in point... me. I admit, I have learned to tame the beast for a date, but this past summer my date decided to inform me, after I told him I get competitive and get worse when I…

Arizona, You're Embarrassing Me

Clinton and McCain took their respective victories in Arizona on Super Tuesday. What is wrong with my home state? Vote for someone else. You know who I wish was running for president? Henry Clay. Everyone else running is lame. But when it comes to choosing the lesser of evils, McCain and Clinton are not my choices. America can't seem to get it together. Since nobody is happy with anybody, there is no clear front runner, and I fear, in the end, the two people running in November will be these two.
Bring back Henry Clay!
In other news, I am now in Sacramento. I hope I get the job with Enterprise. The first interview went well, in the meantime, I am going to become a mystery shopper. They said that sometimes I have to upset sales associates to see how they work under pressure situations. This is going to be fun!