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Wherein I Turn 27 and other Shenanigans.

The end of October is always a sprint into November for me. Which is too bad because I love October, best month ever.

This month I started a new job, put in my mission papers, had another pumpkin party, celebrated two sister's birthdays as well as a sister in law. I need to make some chili for my ward's trunk or treat tomorrow, and I am endlessly waiting for my mission call to come... seriously, its a little ridiculous.

For the pumpkin party I tried my hand at macarons again. Yes, I made pumpkin macarons. I was nervous about the recipe because I sort of added things on my own, without consulting a French person... but I trusted in the pumpkin, and the pumpkin did not let me down. Seriously France, eat more pumpkin because they were delicious.

So, here are photos for y'all.

 I made pumpkin graham crackers for the s'mores at the party. They turned out delicious.  Fire for said s'mores.  All three of my bros, enjoying pumpkin deliciousness.  Jessica, Neomi, Korina, an…

Happiness is...

When I was about 12 years old I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. Something like that sounded as fantastic to me as other kids dreaming of becoming Superman, after all I didn't know any lawyers, so it must not happen very often.

When I went to college my objective was to get awesome grades and rock the LSAT so I could go to an amazing law school. There were some twists and turns along the way but eventually I ended up at Vermont Law School in August of 2009.

Here on this blog I have documented some of the exhaustion, late nights, stress, tears, grades and life that made up the last three years of my life.

I cannot tell you how hard law school was. Unless you went through it, you'll never know. It was hard. Studying for the bar was hard. Taking the bar was hard.

Last night I had a nightmare that I got a letter in the mail telling me I failed the Arizona State Bar Exam.

All of this is to tell you that the results were posted today and I passed. All I can say is Thanks be to God f…

Who Knows Where the Road Will Lead Us?

Part 1 in a series of parts. This post presents a basic overview of subjects I'd like to discuss. 

Well, since it is now October I figured its high time I get all political up in here. There is only a month left for people to decide who they want to vote for next month.

Normally I try to avoid politics, mostly because I think, "who cares what I think? Nobody, that's who."

That is probably true, but the fact is that I have never cared more about who gets elected president this November. The past few elections I've been somewhat passive, I didn't like either major party candidate, so I voted for a third party I knew wouldn't win, but knew I had to vote for what I thought was right, and moved on. This is the first time I want someone from a major party to win, and so, my guy has a fighting chance. Thus I feel the need to voice my opinion, just in case anyone is still wondering, and might, for some reason, care what I think. Or maybe you just feel like one pe…