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40 Weddings... and a New Apartment

So forty may be a bit high... but only a little. Since December I have begun to have a slew of friends getting married, or who will be soon blissfully wed. The third one to take place was last night. Well, actually they got married during the day... but their reception was in Pleasant Grove last night.
Little Miss Deborah White, now Little Mrs. Deborah... um I don' remember Sam's last name... something like Johnson or Smith... is one of my own children and like a sister to me all at the same time. Please don't ask me how that works because I actually have no idea. I am so happy for them, they are adorable together really. The first pic is one she sent me earlier of when she bought the dress. It was very Deborah and beautiful. It was lovely to see her all dressed up, and to see her parents who moved out of the home ward about a year ago... not that I ever go home, but my mom misses her mom lots.
Also, my bishop from my home ward came up for the receptions because 1) he was in…

So I am Sick of Studying, so Sue Me

Well, this is a once in a lifetime event, I am updating twice in one week. Take note, be happy, this will probably never happen again! I just spent the last two days writing the equivalent of a 21 page paper (thats what it all added up to ladies and gents.) While my brain cools off, I decided to stop studying and update my dear little blog. So, lately, I have been feeling connected to a couple of Jimmy Eat World songs. I like them, they express my feelings well. I love Jimmy Eat World, partially because I am so proud that I heard of them way before most of the rest of the world did (yay AZ bands), and they have some good lyrics. They're no Anberlin, but love them I do. So, here are two of my favorites right now, sort of a total capping on my life right now I suppose. They express well the dichotomy of people living inside me. Sorry if this weirds you out. Normally I don't like to get this personal in my blog, but we're all friends here. If you can't handle it I'm s…

Paul, I Will Lecture Whomever I Want

Okay, okay, I feel like the blogging world is falling apart. Chelsea has elected to leave us, Paul pretends like he is graduated from college and busy with a "real job" and getting ready for law school, Kristin is still in counseling about her blog, and Bukran doesn't even have any pictures of his newest life changing event. I can't keep it together people! I need you to update regardless of whether or not I do because the blogging world depends upon it.
Having said that, I will now update my blog. So, what is there new for me to say? I am ready for this semester to be over. I am ready to move into a new apartment, I am ready to be taking just a half a credit of classes. I am ready for everything in my life to be different, completely. Finals won't be too bad, three of my classes ended early, isn't that wonderful? I have this funny dichotomy in myself really. Part of me is completely falling apart and wants to break down and cry every ten seconds. I like to ca…

And it Beginneth to Be Delicious to Me...

Conference is so great. Eight hours, or ten if you're a guy, of filling yourself up with the good word of the gospel. I have always felt the best way to celebrate this spiritual feast is with a physical feast. Hence, the Conference Breakfast bash! So delicious.
Chelm loved her pancakes so much she couldn't remove her eyes from them for the picture. I also don't think I've ever seen Molly so happy. Conference was great, and this breakfast was just the icing on the cake so to speak.