Paul, I Will Lecture Whomever I Want

Okay, okay, I feel like the blogging world is falling apart. Chelsea has elected to leave us, Paul pretends like he is graduated from college and busy with a "real job" and getting ready for law school, Kristin is still in counseling about her blog, and Bukran doesn't even have any pictures of his newest life changing event. I can't keep it together people! I need you to update regardless of whether or not I do because the blogging world depends upon it.
Having said that, I will now update my blog. So, what is there new for me to say? I am ready for this semester to be over. I am ready to move into a new apartment, I am ready to be taking just a half a credit of classes. I am ready for everything in my life to be different, completely. Finals won't be too bad, three of my classes ended early, isn't that wonderful? I have this funny dichotomy in myself really. Part of me is completely falling apart and wants to break down and cry every ten seconds. I like to call this part of myself, "stupid annoying girl," and I would like for her to go away. Then there is the other part of me that is looking forward to what is to come next and is supremely excited about a future that is, in a sense, uncertain. I like to call this part of myself, "strong girl that wants to beat stupid annoying girl up." Please, by all means, do it.
Well, because blogs without pictures put some people to sleep, here is a great one. I placed it right in the middle just to break up the monotony. Blogging is performance art, what can I say? So this was at Chili's. We were waiting for our food at the To Go place. It was delicious by the way.
Now, this is all I have to say. I have done my part. So, thank you very much.


BitterTea said…
Lindsey Reynolds! We need a long email cathc up. Your "stupid annoying girl" might want to meet my "panic ridden freakout girl". Then your "strong girl..." and my "sane thinking reasonable girl" can beat them up together. For serious!!!!!!! In fact, I am going to email you right now and use all of the 20 different ones you have. So be looking for it!

Sorry this was so long.
Mom said…
Madalynn says that she can't update her blog because she forgot her password and it won't let her on. I told her that she needs to choose one password and keep it for everything. What a novel idea she thought.
Everyone is stupid annoying girl sometimes, but I know that strong girl will win out in the end.
Heidi said…
So, good thing the "stupid annoying girl" parts of our lives are such good friends. Don't worry, only less than 2 weeks and then the "strong girl" in each of us can be friends too, and boot out the crying annoying part! HOORAY! I am so excited to get away from the drama, as are you. And I must say that we are so good looking! HA, I am so confident now....look at me go, I don't know where it came from. Anyways, hold on, the end is near........YES!
Bukran said…
I'm working on it! I swear! At least Zander decided to join us!
CSchramm said…
Why won't Heidi enable access to her profile? Also, I like your green hat, Ren. Also, are you trying to tell me that crying is annoying? Or stupid?
In addition, I think Kristin has made real progress.
Thank you for updating.
Your friend said…
You look hot in this pic. Seriously.
Lil Renny said…
Friend, reveal yourself! Please ;)
Heidi said…
I don't really have a blog, I just put in my google account and that works. Sorry to disappoint. But, if you really want to see all about me, you can click on lindsey's link to Jack Bauer's girlfriend. That is ME!
Bukran said…
I've updated my blog in regard to my "life-changing event."
Alexander said…
I openly, publicly, and shamelessly agree with "your friend"
hey lindzipan it's jenna! for as long as i have known you you've never been "stupid annoying girl" to me. i've only ever seen you as strong cool girl. i can't wait until next year being able to hang out with you, alicia, and lauren.

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