Re a Drop of Golden Sun

So, I've been thinking lately about what makes me me. I mean, I know there is really only one thing that makes us who we are, and everything else is just an extension of that. This, however, is my list of extensions that stop me from being a clone of anyone else.
1. I aspire to be Mary Poppins when I grow up.
2. I absolutely love juice boxes, I could drink them forever.
3. Chelsea is probably my hero.
4. I fear change, no matter how many times change has turned out good for me, I still fear it.
5. I do have a favorite number, and it is five.
6. I also have a favorite color, turquoise.
7. I am absolutely fascinated by communism and fascism.
8. I love the ocean.
9. Anberlin is my favorite band.
10. I am afraid of cows.
11. I am not a post modernist, I don't think its complete crap, but I'm not one.
12. Cheese makes me happy.
13. pumpkins make me happy.
14. I think that not only can scents trigger memories, but memories can trigger scents.
15. I have never been outside of the United States and I desperately want that to change.
16. I think it would be cool to start my own political party.
17. I think my family is pretty much the greatest ever.
18. I am morally opposed to people proposing on birthdays or holidays, especially Valentine's Day, its tacky.
19. I am the Queen of Dr. Mario.
20. I like Easter better than Christmas.
21. I want to dance with a boy in the rain to the song "Brighter Than Sunshine."
22. The less sugar in chocolate the better.
23. I prefer whole wheat flour to white.
24. When I was little I didn't want to admit that I like pumpkin pie better than apple pie and I don't know why.
25. I don't ever want to live in Utah after college. I don't really have a particular reason, I just don't.
26. October 29, 2006 will forever be etched in my memory as a life changing day for me.

Wow, those are a lot of things. There are more, but I think that you are getting bored. I'm done with the undergraduate portion of college in a week. Thats weird. I'm tired right now. So thats all.


Chelsea said…
Wow, did you get "tagged"? JK
Chelsea said…
I've been thinking about this sort of thing lately too (only for me, I guess). I often try to think of things to say for those little getting to know you games or questions (because I encounter those so much). The worst is when people ask for your most embarrassing moment, because honestly, I don't remember them or I can't think of them on the spot like that.
I'm leaving comments, have you noticed?
trb48 said…

It is an interesting list. What happened in October 2006?
Kristin said…
I wasn't getting bored... I wanted a longer list!
Anonymous said…
Yes, I will find out the mystery of your birthday in 2006.
Lil Renny said…
Um, anonymous, you could probably just email me and ask me, and then I might tell you...
Chelsea said…
I promise it wasn't me (anonymous). And I really wasn't hinting.
wilbur said…

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