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The Northwest Passage

Don't be jealous (Dayna) but I went to Seattle this weekend. I figured, I've been in Yakima a whole week now so it had to happen.

Actually my friend Tyler told me there was a YSA activity in Everett this weekend. So I went to that on Friday night and saw him, but before I left I informed my friend Sarah Richardson that I was coming, and seeing her was a requirement, since our rendez-vous in New York was an epic fail.

Well when Sarah discovered I had never been to Seattle before she said we should ditch the YSA activity on Saturday. I couldn't have agreed more, since that had been my secret plan in the first place.

So  we went to Pike's Place. Its the big marketplace in Seattle with lots of street vendors.

This is where they throw the fish. Although they didn't really do it while we were there... They also have street performers. My favorite was this guy. Pianos rock.

He was really good too. There was also this French Bread shop that smelled like heaven when you walked pas…

Do They Sell These Somewhere?

I made this my Google background today. I really just want an android so I can see this cute little guy all the time. Seriously, where can I get one for realsies?

I'm Only Going to Say This Once

Then I will never bother you about it ever again.

My blog delivers a small income to me each month. Perhaps you did not know that. See, I added Ad Sense to my blog a while back, and that is currently the only way I am making the dineros.

This already sounds tacky.

I just wanted you to be aware.

If you see an ad that interests you, by all means click on it. You can't just click on one just so I get paid more, as nice of you as that is. Google checks. I don't know how they'd know, but they would, they're Google.

Thats all. Either way, please keep reading my blog. I promise I'm determined to continue to try and improve my writing here.

Happy Birthday Dad!

I'm doing my dad's birthday tribute an hour early what with the day full of driving tomorrow.

My dad is the most awesome dad in the world. I know a lot of people say that about their dad. You probably think it about yours, but, well, you're wrong. Mine is. He wins the dad contest.

My dad is probably one of the smartest people I know. He has read the dictionary. Yeah, the dictionary. He is kind of funny about things, like he likes to pretend he knows nothing about computers, even though he was a computer science major for a while, he just likes to act like he can't figure it out. Until he is doing family history, then he seems to be able to find his way around a computer. Or when my mom threatens to throw out an old broken computer, then my pack rat dad jumps into gear and fixes it... somehow.

He is a serious do it yourself-er. He isn't one of those do it yourself people that does it and then hires a professional to fix it. He does it right the first time. He spent one…

Welcome to the Hotel California

I'm in Provo. I said often last summer that Provo was my Hotel California. I could check out anytime I liked, but I could never leave. While driving to Provo, about ten miles outside of town Henry decided he would be funny, and Hotel California came up on my play list. Its funny how a year can change you, but Provo causes me to Retrace.

So here I am. I'm leaving Saturday to go up to Yakima, Washington for an internship, then I'll be passing through Provo again to get back to Phoenix for my older brother's wedding in August.

I'm excited for Yakima. Hooray for seeing Jackie! Hooray for internships!

When I think about going back to Vermont I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don't know why. I did really well in school this past year. I just want to be done now. I did a year of law school, degree please.

Actually I think it just shows that the East Coast is not the place for me. Its not my final resting place. I don't miss it when I'm not there. It…

A New Series! Things Renny Hates

I know it sounds negative, but trust me, its going to be awesome.

So today's post is entitled: The Superfluous Use of the Letter K

You know you've seen it. You're driving along and there is a sign advertising something, a campground or some such place, but instead of using the letter 'C' where it belongs they switch it out for a 'K'.

I'm sure the first person that did this did it for alliterative purposes. Which in and of itself causes flames to burn on the side of my sister's face.

Now, I see it everywhere. No alliteration, no rhyme or reason, just bad spelling.

KOA= Kampgrounds of America
While driving home I saw signs for Kozy Kamps by the River and the Kum and Go gas station ( don't even get me started on that one...)

I'd like to start a campaign to bring back the letter 'C'. Why do people toss it aside so easily? I like the letter C, its a nice letter. There are a few reasons why this misuse of the letter K bothers me so much.

1. I dete…

I'm Not Dead

I drove across the country all by myself. 
First I went to the Atlantic Ocean. You cannot move to the east coast(ish) and not go to the Atlantic Ocean. I walked to the shoreline to spend a little time getting to know this new body of water. Not my old friend, the Pacific. Very different. Very Cold. Very nice to bond with it.

Then, I saw Anberlin three times.
I'm very bitter about missing that fourth show. They performed two new songs off their upcoming album and Stephen said it was the best show of the tour. Bitter bitter bitter. But what can you do when you feel that stupor of thought when you think about being mostly by yourself alone on the streets of New York? Sigh...
Three times was amazing though.

Then I drove alone with a massive head cold. I did sing along with Henry sometimes because, you know, you have to at some point. I took the crappiest picture of the arch in St. Louis, jut for you my blog readers. If I had more time, or if my batteries hadn't been dead while on the f…