I'm Only Going to Say This Once

Then I will never bother you about it ever again.

My blog delivers a small income to me each month. Perhaps you did not know that. See, I added Ad Sense to my blog a while back, and that is currently the only way I am making the dineros.

This already sounds tacky.

I just wanted you to be aware.

If you see an ad that interests you, by all means click on it. You can't just click on one just so I get paid more, as nice of you as that is. Google checks. I don't know how they'd know, but they would, they're Google.

Thats all. Either way, please keep reading my blog. I promise I'm determined to continue to try and improve my writing here.


kristinanne said…
Funny thing is that I never knew that you had ads. Can you move them to the top so that they are more visable?
I thought the ads were placed there by Blogger. Kinda of cool to know that they are benefiting you!

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