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Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak

What a week it has been!! It all started last Friday with the Harry Potter extravaganza of the century. Sarah dressed up as Ginny, I tried to be Hermione, but it was thrown together last minute so I'm afraid it failed. After a pre Potter Potter party in Allred three, where we took some delicious pumkpin pasties that I made, we headed up to the bookstore where I ran into Kristin Lowe with her awesome shirt and hot hair, and took a sweet pic with Madame Hooch, and of course, we got our seventh book.

Upon returning home I promptly went to bed, because I had to wake up the next morning and drive to Vegas for my cousin's wedding. It was some sweet times. I got to see my family, spend some time in the Viva Las Vegas wedding Chapel, go swimming in the pool at the hotel, and got started on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Sunday was the return drive to Provo, where I was able to read to chapter twenty seven of Harry Potter, extra reading time was allotted on account of the accident…

Keep Moving Forward

I decided yesterday was blog worthy. So, here I am, blogging about it.
First of all, yesterday I went to University Mall to do a little window shopping, and while I was there, I came to the stark realization that I am old. No, that is the wrong word, a full blown adult is more like it. I was walking about and decided to drop into Aeropostale, and was immediately overcome by the fact that I was there by myself, without a teenage sibling as an excuse, and it was odd. I don't really know when this change happened, I never really feel like I am any older than I was in high school, partially because I'm still in school, and everyone around me, regardless of their age, is still in school as well. I am well aware of the fact that in two weeks I will be 21 and 3/4 years old... therefore, an adult I must be. It was a strange phenomena to experience just the same. Then, last night on campus, they showed an outdoor movie, Meet the Robinsons. I don't want to give any plot away, but I re…

Happy Happy Birthday Chelsea Dear

Yesterday was the day of Chelm's birth. So we went to Doc's pizza buffet (my first time, it was pretty good.) Then back to Paul and Chelm's abode for cake and presents. It was good times... except I don't think she even had apple beer... whats the point of turning 21 if you're not going to get drunk? Happy birthday Chelsea! Well... yesterday anyway...