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Lets go Dancing in the Light

Ah, autumn. When the leaves change, the air gets crisp, and we enjoy a cool refreshing temperature of...


Dear Phoenix.

On this lovely day of fall, when the weather is changing (slowly) into my favorite time of year, I decided to pay homage to all of the places I have lived during autumn.

Phoenix, AZ

The first 18 autumns of my life were spent in Phoenix. We don't get a lot of colorful leaves here, mostly just yellow and brown, but I do remember once my second grade teacher brought in this beautiful little red leaf into class and gave us a taste of what fall could be like other places.

I also remember that every September there was always one great storm where I felt the change. Not the hot, humid, mugginess of an August monsoon storm, but there was a chill in the wind, and we could breathe without choking on heat once the rain ended. As wonderful and exciting as a monsoon can be, that one storm always spoke of the excitement that fall brings. I love that storm, I remember runni…

Patriot Day

I know that lots of people often post videos of 9/11 songs that they love and whatnot. So here is my favorite one. This song gets me a little emo every time.

There are no clips of anything from the plane that crashed in PA, but I don't want to forget those people either. Who knows how many lives the people on that flight saved? It is so hard to say, but losing your life to save the life of another is one of the most heroic things ever.

Critique: Grimm

Since I have nothing to do with my life, I've decided to try and get into the critic business. T.V. and film critic business to be exact.

I've been watching a lot of T.V. for the last month, and a few movies. So, now I can critique Grimm, Bones, the new Batman movie, the new Spiderman movie... and others.

So, lets start with Grimm. When I first saw previews for Grimm I had no desire to watch it because it looked really gory and gross. However, the entire first season is up on Cox On Demand, so I started watching it when I had nothing else to do, and I inevitable got caught up in it.

The basic premise of Grimm, if you're not aware, is that Portland, OR police detective Nick Burkhardt starts seeing strange things: people's faces change into weird creatures. He discovers that he is a Grimm, much like the brothers of old he has a gift, or curse, to be able to see certain people for what they really are, the creatures from the storybooks. It is his job to stop them from the…