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Olive the Other Reindeer

Here are some Christmasy pics. I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas, and don't get too drunk on New Years, responsible drinking I always say. More life updates to come later.

A Winter's Day

The TA's day began as any other. She got up and got ready, and left early with her backpack full of graded papers in hand to do some Christmas shopping before going to meet Nate, who was, inevitably, late.
Then the time came to administer the final to her students. She sat at the front of the room, fielding questions from students who had turned in the final and picked up their paper, wondering why they had gotten the grade they had gotten. Failing to understand that while she had to grade 62 papers, one of the other TAs only had to grade 19, therefore writing comments was an impossible feat.
Finally, it was six PM, she trudged up the stairs, finals in hand, ready to get home and get back to packing and more grading. Coming out of the basement of the JFSB she noticed people entering with familiar white flecks signifying snowfall lightly sprinkled on their heads. She opened the door, and suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a vortex of wind and snow pellets attacked her, literally taking …

Re a Drop of Golden Sun

So, I've been thinking lately about what makes me me. I mean, I know there is really only one thing that makes us who we are, and everything else is just an extension of that. This, however, is my list of extensions that stop me from being a clone of anyone else.
1. I aspire to be Mary Poppins when I grow up.
2. I absolutely love juice boxes, I could drink them forever.
3. Chelsea is probably my hero.
4. I fear change, no matter how many times change has turned out good for me, I still fear it.
5. I do have a favorite number, and it is five.
6. I also have a favorite color, turquoise.
7. I am absolutely fascinated by communism and fascism.
8. I love the ocean.
9. Anberlin is my favorite band.
10. I am afraid of cows.
11. I am not a post modernist, I don't think its complete crap, but I'm not one.
12. Cheese makes me happy.
13. pumpkins make me happy.
14. I think that not only can scents trigger memories, but memories can trigger scents.
15. I have never been outside of the United States …

They Lied When They Said the Good Die Young

Let me give you a brief rundown of all the bands last night.
Metro Station: decent, poppy, happy. Took awhile to get people moving so we could get up to the front.
MAE: they have really gone downhill. It breaks my heart. I just can't get into Singularity, 3/4 of the band has changed, and they just don't rock as hard as they used to...
Motion City Soundtrack: decent, poppy, happy. Swore a lot though... no thanks.
Anberlin:Probably the best thing to happen to music since I don't know when. They get better and better every time. They were clearly the best band there, pretty much everyone that was there was there to see them, and I think I experienced some sort of nirvana. Or euphoria, maybe I should say that, even though I'm pretty sure it was nirvana... There are no words to describe how utterly fantastic they truly are. I wish they had been headlining last night, that pretty much would have been the best thing ever.
So here are some pictoral highlights: The first is Stephen …

How Would You Feel if I Only Sang Sad Songs?

I should be writing my paper. So I'm blogging... meh heh.
This semester is swiftly drawing to a close and I have finally decided what I'm going to do with my life, isn't that great? So, I'm spelling it out here, putting on blog so that there is no turning back,
1. The application for teaching in France is finally up! So I am applying, and hoping so much to get into that, because if I don't then I have to go through this whole process again... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
2. I am going to move to California, I need to be on my own, and not in Utah for a little bit, because I think I'm losing perspective on some things. So I'm going to California for a while to work and, in June, retake the LSAT. So, the application process for law school will begin, and will continue while I'm in France, (If I keep saying it like it will happen then it will yeah?) and hopefully, come about a year from now I'll start getting some responses, so by the time I get back from France I'…