They Lied When They Said the Good Die Young

Let me give you a brief rundown of all the bands last night.
Metro Station: decent, poppy, happy. Took awhile to get people moving so we could get up to the front.
MAE: they have really gone downhill. It breaks my heart. I just can't get into Singularity, 3/4 of the band has changed, and they just don't rock as hard as they used to...
Motion City Soundtrack: decent, poppy, happy. Swore a lot though... no thanks.
Anberlin: Probably the best thing to happen to music since I don't know when. They get better and better every time. They were clearly the best band there, pretty much everyone that was there was there to see them, and I think I experienced some sort of nirvana. Or euphoria, maybe I should say that, even though I'm pretty sure it was nirvana... There are no words to describe how utterly fantastic they truly are. I wish they had been headlining last night, that pretty much would have been the best thing ever.
So here are some pictoral highlights: The first is Stephen Christian, Anberlin's lead singer. I wish I could have gotten more pics of them but the crowd was pushing so hard it was pretty much impossible. The second is the lead singer of MAE, the third... well I don't really know but it looks cool.
Other highlights of the evening included:
-Nate trying to take off his jacket
-Dale dancing

Oh, and did I mention that Anberlin is pretty much amazing?


Anonymous said…
Ultimate Internship with mtvU and Motion City Soundtrack; click for all the details!
Chelsea said…
Did you know the BYU HBLL also has a blog? I mean, you put a link to the BYU-H one, but I think the HBLL deserves a little respect and love.
Chelsea said…
I think that last picture serves to capture the intensity of the evening.
Chelsea said…
Hi Lindsey. I am glad you had fun and that you were safe. I am too old for the concert scene now. I used to go to concerts in junior high and high school, though...
Translation: I used to be cool.

Chelsea said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristin said…
Dear Lindsey,
I have just realized that you are leaving Provo! There wont be anymore running into you outside of the library, or the JFSB. I'm a little despondent.

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