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Great Expectations

I love the Olympics because anything can happen. Think about it, how often does anyone plan to win a certain amount of gold medals at the Olympics and it actually happens? Almost never, but sometimes it does.
Then there are the underdogs, the athletes nobody talks about, who come out of nowhere and take the gold.
Sometimes, we plan, prepare, get back up when we fall, and end up failing.

I think this is synonymous to life. Sometimes we set goals and have expectations for ourselves. Sometimes those expectations come to fruition just the way we planned, sometimes we're left disappointed, and sometimes something better than we originally dreamed of, better than anyone else ever thought possible of us, happens.

I Can Finally Breathe

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Renny. Renny moved into the Brittany apartments her sophomore year of college. While residing there she met an apartment, her apartment nine boys, who introduced her to a band named Anberlin. Her love for the band was instant, she was astounded by how well they wrote the words to her life, and how magnificently they performed them. As she continued to listen to them, her love grew, from Audrey to Foreign Language, Blueprints to Friendship, she knew her life had changed.
After Renny went to Hawaii and returned to the Brittany she became friends with her roommate's brother Nate. She discovered that she and Nate had something very important in common. They both loved music, most especially Anberlin. They talked often about the greatness of Anberlin, each conversation ending with both falling into a reverie as they pondered the awesomeness of the music that surrounded them.
There were special and significant moments that strengthened their t…

Boys Speak in Rhythm and Girls in Code

In the midst of packing and cleaning this weekend I had a few adventures which changed my life.

1) There is a Dollartree by Cafe Rio. I have no idea how I missed this before. My life is now complete. I bought a pizza slicer... for a dollar. Take that economic crisis.

2) Next to the Dollartree is a cleaning supply store. They sell Foamy Q&A. I know.

3) Michael Phelps has already made me cry. He broke his world record and got his first gold of the Olympics and he was crying and he couldn't find his mom in the crowd but then he did... it was beautiful; and I loved America even more than I already did.

4) I found out that Anberlin will be in Salt Lake on October 8 of this year. As part of my 31 day celebration of that month I will be going. They will be in Phoenix on the 18th... I'm considering.

5) I rode a motorcycle and did not die. I was a little nervous I must admit, you are so exposed to the potential of death at every moment on a motorcycle. Fortunately, Trent is a good motor…

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The following is a true story, which I am posting because
A) I promised Trent
B) its funny
C) awkward dating moments are the fruit of life

This date is entitled: "Why Did I Pick You?"
Last summer there was a boy in my ward that my roommates were certain was in love with me. I wasn't so sure about that, but I could tell there was interest there. I have to admit, I wasn't too interested in him, he'd just barely gotten back from his mission and was therefore, younger than me, and you know how that is. I mainly got a kick out of the fact that my crazy roommate thought I liked him and therefore set about trying to "steal" him from me. I was content to let life continue on like that until he asked me out, bringing our "relationship" to a swift end.
He asked me on a triple date with two of his roommates. When he came to pick me up I asked what we were doing and he said... you guessed it, "we're going to play mini-golf." Sigh. Oh well, at leas…


Last night I got to do a little babysitting for a friend, an activity I haven't engaged in for a couple of years now, but which I usually enjoy.
Things started off well, when mom and toddler arrived, she was intrigued by this new place she had to explore, except she was a bit afraid of my kitchen at first. However, when her mom walked out the door and shut it behind her she did what most toddlers in that situation would do, she ran to the door and cried for a bit. Then she turned and gave me that accusing," its your fault my mom has left without me, why would you do such a thing to me? Cute. Little. Me." Fortunately, my mad babysitting skills came in handy; I knew it was time for a little distraction.
After I gave her something to drink we played a fun game of chase. This game involved me getting into a predatory stance and then taking two steps towards her, at which point she would bolt for the back bedroom, and then run out to the same spot where she stood before and wai…