I Can Finally Breathe

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Renny. Renny moved into the Brittany apartments her sophomore year of college. While residing there she met an apartment, her apartment nine boys, who introduced her to a band named Anberlin. Her love for the band was instant, she was astounded by how well they wrote the words to her life, and how magnificently they performed them. As she continued to listen to them, her love grew, from Audrey to Foreign Language, Blueprints to Friendship, she knew her life had changed.
After Renny went to Hawaii and returned to the Brittany she became friends with her roommate's brother Nate. She discovered that she and Nate had something very important in common. They both loved music, most especially Anberlin. They talked often about the greatness of Anberlin, each conversation ending with both falling into a reverie as they pondered the awesomeness of the music that surrounded them.
There were special and significant moments that strengthened their ties to Anberlin. Renny discovered that she did not have the songs The Feel Good Drag, Dance Dance Christa Paffgen, and Heavy Hearted Work of Staggering Genius. Nate had two of them, which he gave to her, but not the Feel Good Drag. Renny will never forget the morning when he showed up at her door telling her he had something for her, and hooked up his Henry to allow The Feel Good Drag to
ring throughout her apartment. Then there was that time Renny found the acoustic version of A Day Late.
On November 11, 2006 Renny and Nate went to watch their Anberlin perform live for the first time. Anberlin did not fail. That night they knew, going to Anberlin concerts would be a must from then on.
When Cities came out Nate of course found it about two weeks before it was going on sale, although it didn't really matter since they had both ordered their copies from interpunk in order to get their gold vinyl.

On March 20, 2007 they got to meet them. Renny remembers she was sick all day, and not just sick, but siiiiiick, but somehow she found the strength to get to Nate's car, endure the salt lake fragrance as they waited outside of the Saltair, and finally meet Anberlin, have them sign her vinyl, take a picture with her, and then listen to them perform.
Nate and Renny continued to love Anberlin and talk about their sheer awesomeness often. When mae's new album came out, Nate commented that Anberlin was the only band wherein he found himself loving all of their albums. Renny instantly agreed.
On December 8,2007 Renny and Nate (along with a few other people) once again found themselves at the mercy of Anberlin. Unfortunately, they were not the headlining band, and so their set was nowhere near long enough. The two agreed however, nirvana had been experienced that night.
Time passed, Renny found herself leaving Utah and the only friend she had who truly understood how much she loved Anberlin. She found herself wandering the earth, and pondering what to do with her life. Nowhere however, was there anyone to talk Anberlin with, and Renny found herself talking to Nate very little (if at all.)
Eventually, Renny returned to Provo in her quest for money and a place to call her own. She went to a concert for the band her friends were in, friends who happened to be the roommates of Nate. He was wearing an Anberlin shirt when she saw him then, and it just seemed so fitting.
They discussed the new album which was coming out in September, Nate sent her the songs from Warped Tour that he had gotten, and told her they had done a new version of the Feel Good Drag. Renny could feel the excitement building.
When Nate came to pick up the key to her new apartment in order to let the plumber in they discussed their ringtones, Renny found it funny that all of their ringtones were Anberlin. The night Renny moved into her new apartment Nate helped her, and played lots of different new bands he had just found (because although they are obsessed, they do love all good music) and played the copy of the new Feel Good Drag he had found. They talked about the long awaited return of Anberlin to Salt Lake happening on October 8th. They once again agreed that they could not wait for September 30 and New Surrender, Renny felt the day would never come.
Four days after this conversation Renny found herself sitting in her apartment with her friends Smalls and Switz watching the Olympics when her phone sang to her that she had a text message: it was Nate, he had the new Anberlin CD, well over a month in advance. Renny almost passed out and had to hold onto the mantle while she called him to discuss her excitement and happiness over this event. About a half hour later Nate texted her again telling her of the happiness she would find in her inbox once she got onto her computer.
Hear their greatness.

Breathe- from the album New Surrender
The Feel Good Drag- from the album New Surrender

And they all lived happily ever after.


Aaron said…
Be careful who you admit having illegal bootlegs to. Record labels are cracking down on this stuff lately. How has he continued to get stuff ahead of the release date and not get caught yet?
Docface/Wilbur said…
that's nice.

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