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Green is the Color that Everyone Sees all Around Me

Today I had a meeting with the Professor over the Public Health Internship department at BYU. The following is a conversation that actually happened on my way there.

Strange Creepy Guy on Bicycle: Hey how are you doing?
Lil Renny: Fine.
SCGoB: What is your name?
LR: ... Lindsey
SCGoB: Oh, well I just wanted to tell you you are a beautiful girl.
LR: Well thanks.
SCGOB: Are you a student at BYU?
LR: Um... no
SCGoB: No?
LR: Well, I just graduated.
SCGoB: Oh, well where are you going?
LR: To a meeting.
SCGoB: Yeah? Well, I just wanted to talk to you. I hope its not weird, some person you don't know coming up and talking to you like this.
LR: Um...
SCGoB: So are you married, are you dating anyone?
LR: Um... I'm... dating someone...
SCGoB: Oh Really? Thats too bad for me, how long have you guys been together, is it serious?
LR: Yes, well, we've been together... six months...
SCGOB: oh thats to bad for me, I was going to ask for your number, maybe we could go get something to eat sometime but if it…


Letter from the Editor:
I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by any negative post found upon this blog yesterday. It would seem that in a moment of blind panic and insanity one of our writers found herself writing a post of such banality, of which we typically try to aspire to avoid on this blog. We sincerely regret this lack of good judgment on our part, as we recognize that nothing in life could really be that bad.
We invite you to continue to read and comment on the previous post, somewhat appropriately entitled Write About What Makes You Angry, until such time that our writer finds herself typing more poetry or prose full of the wit, intellect, and charm that we hope you grow accustomed to reading on these, Her Inspired Thoughts.

Write About What Makes you Angry

Okay, so this really doesn't make me angry, it just happens to be part of the book I am writing. Its fairly lengthy... but I hope people will read it and comment. Tell me what you think, do you agree or disagree, why? I want to get different viewpoints. Also, I want you to tell me if you think its boring, or if I need to work on my writing skillz, because I don't want to write a lame book. :)

In an era when excelling should be increasingly important, we are seeing a trend of accepting mediocrity not only as the norm, but also as most desired. In little league baseball, teams don’t “win” anymore; we can’t foster competition. Americans don’t want to vote for a presidential candidate who seems “elitist” or rather, highly educated. In a country that values individuality, emphasis is increasingly placed on sameness. Truly, setting a goal to become exceptional in a certain skill or field can seem daunting, and rationalizing ourselves into doing just enough to get by can be appealing …

I Remember When I Used to Really Be into Nostalgia

Today after I took my last practice LSAT I was looking through photos and getting all nostalgic and I ended up making a Movie of Our Lives video from the past two years.
I started making it at 6:30, and I just finished. I even missed Battle of the Bands at Velour for this... sort of pathetic I know, but once I got started I couldn't stop.
Part of the reason I love the Movies of our Lives is because it helps me organize my reminiscings. So, here is my video if you want to watch it. A few disclaimers though:

I'm pretty sure windows movie maker hates me, take that for what its worth
this is not Kristin Lowe quality cinema, sorry
since most of the pics came from my camera, I'm in a lot of them. I tried to stop that from happening... but alas, alack, it could not.
This may bore some of you (i.e. people I did not spend 3 1/2 years in college with...) but you can watch it if you want, because the music is awesome, and I spent five hours creating a 10 minute 40 second video...

I Think in Soundtracks and Camera Angles

1. The Perfect Walk, 2. fromage, 3. Blue Ridge Mountain Moon, 4. Turquoise Treat, 5. wentworth miller, 6. Don't Drink a Juice Box & Drive..., 7. The Bridge, 8. Dulcet Afternoons..., 9. Plunge Boldly into the Thick of Life (DSC_4767-2), 10. Watching the fireworks, 11. Enchanted wood, 12. Renny

This is me if I were a photo collage.Pretty cool huh? I especially liked that I found a picture of a dog named Renny.

Thunder Only Happens When Its Raining

I would like to tell you a little about my job. Many people have asked what I do and its sort of involved and hard to explain, but this job has gotten me thinking about some issues, and so I want to start by explaining what I do.The first part of my job is to work as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Volunteer Care Clinic of Utah County.The VCC was established to provide free quality health care to the low-income uninsured residence of Utah County.The VCC's mission is supposed to be two fold, not only to provide general health care, but also to educate residents in matters of public health, and eventually in other matters as well.Which brings me to the second part of my job. I am the Community Education Coordinator, and have been doing research on why people do/don't take educational courses, and the general aims and successesof different programs across the nation, and how that could be implemented here in Utah County Educational Programs.Now, the second aspect of the Volunte…