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I will soon be blogging politics. I'ts kind of a big deal because I don't like to do it.  You knew this day was coming. I didn't want to just jump right into it, because my last few posts haven't been very picture-y. So here are a few photos. Consider this your primer. I'm preparing you to either read things that may or may not make you get a knee jerk emotional reaction, or letting you know that my next few blog posts will be of little to no interest to you, so you can avoid them entirely.

The Dollar Store

It never fails, whenever I go to Dollar Tree, I always end up seeing something I spent considerably more money on somewhere else, and I end up thinking, "I should have come here first!"

I thought that today because I went grocery shopping, hungry.

I know, I know, you're not supposed to do that, and I usually make sure I don't. I sort of forgot that I was hungry when I got in my car today, but somewhere on the 89 I remembered, but I couldn't turn around and head back to South Royalton. I was committed to get to West Lebanon, and so, onward I went, my stomach growling.

I think that whilst in Price Chopper I exhibited some iron will. I somehow managed to end up in the baking aisle, the aisle I typically just avoid altogether. I looked at brownie and cake mixes, and thought about buying a bag of chocolate chips, and toyed with the idea of buying a dark chocolate bar.

"NO!" I yelled to myself, in my head so nobody in the store would be frightened. "This…

Hey You, with the Pretty Face! Welcome to the Human Race!

On February 14, 1912 Arizona became the 48th state of the United States of America. Today, she turns 100 years old.

In honor of my beloved home state I'm going to tell you the following:

This winter has been more mild than last year. That fact in and of itself makes me very happy. It has not snowed in a few weeks now and the sun is often out. In the afternoons the sunlight comes through my window and makes  squares of sunlight on my floor and on my bed. Sometimes I lay in those spots and I close my eyes and in my mind I can see the first house I ever lived in in Phoenix. The house on Edgemont.

The house was small and it had a west facing living room window. In the afternoons the sunlight would shine through the windows and make a square of sunlight on the living room floor. My mom tells me that when I was very little I would stand in that square and begin babbling, then I'd fall to the floor laughing. Yes, even at such a young age I was hilarious. My mom thought I would grow u…