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The Eye of the Storm

Flying out of Boston and driving across the country in August rather than January and leaving most of my stuff in a VT basement seemed like a brilliant idea in April.

Then... Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast.

My tiny village sits right on the White River in VT, where, in case you haven't heard, over 200 roads are closed and covered bridges and homes are destroyed and people are trapped in their homes.

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I know of two families who have lost parts of their homes, and judging from an email sent from my law school today, the first apartment I lived in is trapped by the river, which makes me worry for the neighbors that still live there.
Thankfully, the basement where my belongings are is still dry, but that town is without power (as is most of the state) and unless the I-91 opens up tomorrow, I can't get to the school to pick up my financial aid money before leaving the country on Saturday.

To top it off I have a terrible head cold. And since I'm back in…

Things I'll Miss the Most

I leave Phoenix in the morning. I'm driving east and I'll be hitting the east coast just after hurricane Irene. Perfect timing huh?

There are many things about being home that I'm going to miss. Most of all, I'm going to miss three things:


I've loved being home with these adorable little chickens all summer. I love reading "Where the Wild Things Are" to Nephew and Niece. I love taking them swimming. I love holding Niece-let and singing "All My Lovin'" to her because it makes her so happy.
Thank goodness for web-cam. Otherwise I might die.

One Ring to Rule Them All

Do you ever find yourself thinking about shoes? I do. It has been awhile since I bought myself a pair of shoes. It's not like I was ever one of those girls that bought ten pairs of shoes a day, but in 2008 I bought three pairs of pumps. That is the last time I bought some pumps.

It's been rough, but I make myself feel better by sometimes perusing shoes online. A few weeks ago I found the most beautiful pair of heels I have ever seen.

I need these shoes. I need them for my wedding shoes. These are at Payless. Last week while at Target I had t o restrain myself from going over to Payless and try them on. I heard them calling to me as I walked to my car.

Today I went to JCPenny to try and find a grey suit jacket to match my grey skirt and I found one that is just slightly off. Don't you hate that? I couldn't buy it because it wouldn't match. As I was in the store I thought, "there is a Payless in this mall." On the other side of the mall. If you knew how much…

Its the Final Countdown

When did Kirk actually become Kirk on Gilmore Girls? I just saw an early episode and he was Kirk, but I'm pretty sure there is another episode afterwards where he isn't Kirk again. What was going on with that?

I feel like I should update this here blog, but I can't think of anything to say that isn't really depressing (like stop looking at pornography people.) you know, something super intense like that. I probably will end up blogging something like that soon, and you'll all be freaked out, but I promise you, every word I type will be true, and you ought to tell other people about it, and then tell them to stop looking at pornography too.

But I don't want to blog about that tonight. I've gotta leave it at work right now. My first trial is happening on Wednesday. I know what you're thinking, Lindsey you've been doing this internship all summer. I know I know. It's the nature of the beast. Maybe if I had been in a different bureau I would have go…