One Ring to Rule Them All

Do you ever find yourself thinking about shoes? I do. It has been awhile since I bought myself a pair of shoes. It's not like I was ever one of those girls that bought ten pairs of shoes a day, but in 2008 I bought three pairs of pumps. That is the last time I bought some pumps.

It's been rough, but I make myself feel better by sometimes perusing shoes online. A few weeks ago I found the most beautiful pair of heels I have ever seen.

I need these shoes. I need them for my wedding shoes. These are at Payless. Last week while at Target I had t o restrain myself from going over to Payless and try them on. I heard them calling to me as I walked to my car.

Today I went to JCPenny to try and find a grey suit jacket to match my grey skirt and I found one that is just slightly off. Don't you hate that? I couldn't buy it because it wouldn't match. As I was in the store I thought, "there is a Payless in this mall." On the other side of the mall. If you knew how much I hate malls you'd know the fact that I was willing to walk across the mall to look at these shoes shows how much I love them.

They had them in a size too small and a size too large. I did try them on in the size larger and they were like putting on magic. I even liked the stone on the vamp better in person than I did when I first saw the picture.

It's probably for the best that these shoes are not in my size. They cost $60.

I tell myself they'll go on sale. But what if they don't? And what if I never get married? I should still get to wear these shoes! I'd wear them all the time. I'd wear them to bed.

I am in love.


The Petersons said…
So so cute! I say you go for it. But, that's just me! :)
Brian & Kyla said…
Oh, I miss you Linds!
Kristin Lowe said…
Love the shoes! I had lunch with Chelsea and Paul today in Vancouver--I thought of you and wished you were with us!

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