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Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

As Christmas draws near I've had a few different thoughts on my mind. I've been remembering holiday traditions, basking in the snow, and sitting by myself in my apartment getting ready to fly home. At this time tomorrow, I'll be sitting in San Francisco, hopefully, if it doesn't snow. While I sit here I can't help but remember a song from my NSYNC days. I know, cheesy, lame, whatev, it expresses my sentiments well.

Crossing the ocean
with my window view
Thinking of the time I spent with you
And I close my eyes
and I see the family
Making out their wish list
All dressed up for Christmas
On my own for too many years
I miss the happiness
I miss the tears

I see the children
playing in the snow
Precious memories that I used to know
When I see the love in
the mother's eyes
Always there to teach us
The real meaning of Christmas
On my own for too many years
I miss the happiness
I miss the tears

It doesn't matter how grown
you think you are
Something happens to you
When you see that shinin…

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

"Its SNOWING!!" Was the first thing to escape my mouth as I stood and looked out the window at work today at about 10 AM. This was followed by running to the window to watch the small white flakes fall from the sky.
For those of you that may not know, the beginning of October brought snow and freezing cold weather, which promptly warmed up and returned to perfect fall temperatures for the rest of October. November came and there was no change in weather. I hoped that with Thanksgiving would come a nice blanket of snow, the Utah skies did not deliver. The day after Thanksgiving I decorated my apartment, hoping that by showing the weather that I was inviting Christmas with welcome arms and much excitement, that it would follow suite. It did not. Although, in that case, my disappointment has been eased by the festiveness of my apartment.
Now, settling into this unseasonably warm December, my hopes of snow before I went home for Christmas were beginning to wane. I was also getting…

Chanson de Semaine

I've decided to do a song of the week, in order to get more good music out into the world. However, since I love Christmas, I've decided that for the holiday season I'd post two Christmas songs a week. Don't worry, it won't be 8 different versions of Jingle Bells. Just a few tunes each week that are special to me, that I love to hear at Christmastime, and maybe other times as well...
This week may I direct you to the playlist on the side where you can hear one of my favorites, The Holly and the Ivy. Also, clickhere to listen to a song that has long been a classic in the Reynolds home. Merry Christmas!!!