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Thats What Christmas Means to Me!

I Love Christmas!!!I thought this picture would give you a taste of what Christmas is like for me in Phoenix. They really do this to cacti around the state, I've seen it. Its great.

These past few days have been filled with the joys of Christmas shopping with the fam, having it rain on Friday, yay!!, playing the flute for the ward choir, grading papers... and having all of my dad's sibs come to the house on Christmas eve.

Yesterday I also got to talk to my bro! Elder Reynolds is doing just great, his accent is hilarous, its pretty much awesome! This morning was a cornucopia of Christmas present delight. Now twenty four hours of "A Christmas Story" is on our television and I just wanted to give an update of how fabulous life is!
This is a picture of my little sister and me that I took with.... drumroll please... MY NEW DIG CAM!!!! I love my life. Now I will be able to upload pictures to my heart's delight, including photos from the wedding event of the century takin…

Whats This?

Today marked the end of an era, Fall Semester, 2006. I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. Sure, I'll miss Old Testament and Modern Italy. Yeah, it was fun putting putty on my face, but hey I get to do that one more time anyway! And sure sure, I really have become quite fond of some of the students I TA for, who will move on to other classes next semester.
However, there is a bright shining light at the end of the dark abyss that has generally consumed this semester. I get to go home for Christmas!!! Granted, I'm the one who made the choice to not go home for a year. I knew it would be rough at times, and I would need some Hawaii to salve my wounds, but the time has finally come. I miss my home. I miss my family. I miss our driveway, I miss our backyard. I miss the weird things I say and do around my siblings and my siblings alone. I miss my mom's snowman lamp, and my dad sitting at the table on Sunday evenings look at his atlas. I miss watching White Christmas and Ch…