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First Week of School... check

On this blessed and happy occasion known as zero school, I thought I'd take a moment and post.

First off, This has got to be one of the greatest comic strips to ever come into existence.

You can check out more here. Read them, laugh.Second, Tonight is the second half of the 4 hour season premier of 24.I generally am not a fan of television, but this one is good. Jack doesn't think he can do it anymore guys! Do we believe him? No we don't! I may become an avid watcher...School is busier than is healthy and holy, but that is life. I have a bright shining spot that is looming at the end of this semester, and I just hope that if I have to die soon, it is after March 20th.Finally, I found this blast from the past the other night. I don't know how many of you were avid watchers of Sesame Street as children, but my family didn't have cable... And this guy was my hero.Teeny Little Super Guy
I hope you all love him as much as I do.Until next time, check it.

Happy Birthday Todd!

This is the most amazing cake of my life. Heidi and I slaved over it pretty much all day after church. I hope you love it Todd. Actually he already told me he did. Good thing, otherwise I would have burned it. This is a picture of us with the final product just before it was sliced up. I suppose all good things must come to an end. Isn't it beautiful though??

What a Beautiful Wedding

Paul and Chelsea Schramm, ah! This is the newly married couple exiting the temple.

We got to ride in a limo. Paul's sister Melissa is closest to the camera, then Nate, then Katie, and of course Paul and Chelm. Not pictured, me, Mark (Paul's bro), and Ben Lewis.
Ben Lewis was the best man, and Ben Greenfield came out to cheer on his old roomie. The weather was perfect for a December wedding, oh Arizona, I love you.
Chelsea danced with her dad at the dinner that they had. She wasn't planning on dancing with anyone, but when your dad wants to dance with you, you can't say no. It was really sweet, and Chelsea, nobody was watching...These are just pics I took at their house a few days before the wedding. Wedding preparations were fun, they involved food, my favorite.

My Dear Roommate

What can I say? She is fabulous. This picture is from our apartment in Hawaii. Its hard to believe that after 2 and a half years she really isn't my roommate anymore.
Its so funny, when I first met Chelm freshman year she was planning on going on a mission, she didn't think she would get married until she ws about 25 or 26, she thought that was a good age to get married. So I figured we woud be roommates until she went on a mission next summer. That didn't happen...
I don't know what my life will bring to me, Paul and Chelm are taking a great step in life, and they're taking it together, which is great. So now, I am faced with a scary future, I really don't know what its like to live with someone else. However, looking at how vastly things can change, I know that whatever God has in store for me, its going to be good.
The next post is going to be pictures I took at the wedding. It really isn't a lot, cause you know, I was busy... but I did get a few. I have t…