First Week of School... check

On this blessed and happy occasion known as zero school, I thought I'd take a moment and post.

First off, This has got to be one of the greatest comic strips to ever come into existence.

You can check out more here. Read them, laugh.

Second, Tonight is the second half of the 4 hour season premier of 24.

I generally am not a fan of television, but this one is good. Jack doesn't think he can do it anymore guys! Do we believe him? No we don't! I may become an avid watcher...

School is busier than is healthy and holy, but that is life. I have a bright shining spot that is looming at the end of this semester, and I just hope that if I have to die soon, it is after March 20th.

Finally, I found this blast from the past the other night. I don't know how many of you were avid watchers of Sesame Street as children, but my family didn't have cable... And this guy was my hero.

Teeny Little Super Guy

I hope you all love him as much as I do.

Until next time, check it.


Anonymous said…
If only we could all tap dance like that!
Love, Mom
Bukran said…
That's a good comic. Have you ever read Tooth Paste For Dinner? It's also great. Check it out @:

How was the opening episode of 24? I still can't decide if I want to get into it or not.

I love Teeny Little Super Guy! We also never had cable, so he and Captain Vegetable were arguably more heroes to me than Batman or Superman...
Lil Renny said…
Mom, I love when you leave comments you always select anonymous, and then sign it... sort of ruins the effect. I love you!
cschramm said…
What is happening on March 20th? Am I going to feel dumb when you tell me?
Lil Renny said…
Ha ha, I don't know... Nate and I are going to meet Anberlin!! But maybe in da hustle and da bustle you never heard about that (we bought the tickets three days before the wedding.)
cschramm said…
Oh, yeah. I guess I knew that.
Lil Renny said…
I hope you don't feel dumb.
Anonymous said…
Well Lindsey,
My choices are either Wilbur, Other, or anonymous. Anonymous seems like the best choice.
Wilbur said…
Wilbur!!!!! You get on my blog!!!!???!!! Why didn't you tell me????!!!!!?????
Anonymous said…
Dearest Lindsey-
Why do you have a picure of my boyfriend on your blog? That hurts my heart....oh wait, that isn't the only thing! If only all men were like Jack Bauer...I would never have to cry over them! Because he is so darn amazing! i had to edit my language, you never know who reads these things!
Love Ya!
Heidi (not really that anonymous)

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