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Sew This Up With Threads of Reason and Regret

Its been sort of a rough week. I'd like for that to end. So, in the spirit of moving forward, here is a list of some things that make me happy.
1. Getting real emails from people (i.e. not forwards)
2. Getting phone calls from people (which I should be better about doing myself)
3. Getting cute new clothes, especially when I'm not the one paying
4. Blog updates
5. Music, especially Anberlin
6. Car dancing
7. The fact that come Monday evening I will once again have a place to call my own
8. Reading the scriptures
9. Sweet rock concerts
10. Going out for some delicious ice cream
11. Going to the temple
12. Going to the gym
13. The fact that I have a job
14. The fact that this is my last week at this job
15. Driving
16. Reading a good book
17. Watching a good movie

Thats good for now I think.

Mona Lisa, Men Have Named You

So, life update I think. On Monday, May 5th I am flying to Provo. I'm moving into Windsor Park apartments (just behind the Glenwood near the Marriott Hotel). I have two job interviews, one is as a legal assistant, I want it. Make it mine. On Thursday, May 8th, my dad is coming with all the rest of my stuff. Then I'll get all officially moved in. I am looking forward to all of this. I'm a little tired of Phoenix, I won't lie. Summertime is good times in Provo.
As for France, I never heard anything back from the program I applied to. So I guess that means no... oh well. Someday I'll go to France. It'll be very French when I do.
LSAT in June. And I think I'll do better this time. Then I'll begin the application process. By this time next year, I'll know where I'm going for law school :) Hooray!
Thats all for now.

Its Not That I Hang On Every Word

Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two
Where summers lasted longer than
Longer than we do
When nothing really mattered
Except for me to be with you
But in time we all forgot and
We all grew

Your melody sounds as sweet
As the first time it was sung
With a little bit more character for show
And by the time your fathers heard
Of all the wrong you've done
Then I'm putting out the lantern
Find your own way back home

If I've forgotten how to sing
Before I've sung this song
I'll write it all across the wall
Before my job is done
And I'll even have the courtesy
Of admitting I was wrong
As the final words before I'm dead and gone

You've never been so divine
In accepting your defeat
And I've never been more scared to be alone
If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep
Then I'm putting out the lantern
Find your own way back home.
-Panic!@ the Disco

I can't stop listening to this song. Thats all I've got right now.

Love Would be Something That I Just Knew

When I first got my computer in November of 2006 I downloaded itunes to play all of my music on. I used it for quite while before getting winamp, which I like much better. Before that happened, I did, however, become quite fond of the "Top 25 Most Played" playlist. It automatically updates for you. Lately I've been listening to it while I drive to work. Anyone who knows me well can tell you, sometimes I have a need for a certain sound from a certain song and I usually can't pinpoint it until the song comes on. For some reason, the songs on my top list always fulfill that need, must be why I've listened to them so much. So here is my list, along with a line that I feel really captures the song, in case you don't know it. Its interesting to ponder on what it says about the state of my mind. What is on your list?

1. "The (After) Life of the Party"- Fall Out Boy"I'm a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart."
2. "…

Work and Play Are Never Okay to Mix The Way We Do

Watching this makes me feel guilty about trying so hard to find a good job. Maybe I should listen to Stephen.