Sew This Up With Threads of Reason and Regret

Its been sort of a rough week. I'd like for that to end. So, in the spirit of moving forward, here is a list of some things that make me happy.
1. Getting real emails from people (i.e. not forwards)
2. Getting phone calls from people (which I should be better about doing myself)
3. Getting cute new clothes, especially when I'm not the one paying

4. Blog updates
5. Music, especially Anberlin
6. Car dancing
7. The fact that come Monday evening I will once again have a place to call my own
8. Reading the scriptures
9. Sweet rock concerts
10. Going out for some delicious ice cream
11. Going to the temple
12. Going to the gym
13. The fact that I have a job
14. The fact that this is my last week at this job
15. Driving
16. Reading a good book
17. Watching a good movie

Thats good for now I think.


Steph said…
Let us make a summer goal to actually see eachother every so often.
trb48 said…
You forgot a few...

18. Telling Todd what to do
19. Drinking water
20. Punching Zoobies in the face
21. Watching Dragon movies (and mocking them senselessly)
Lil Renny said…
Agreed Steppi.
Todd, maybe I should start telling you what to do. And I don't need to watch dragon movies to mock them senselessly.
Chelsea said…
Will you come see me when you come back? And don't punch me in the face.

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