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I Fear Dolphins

I was thinking of all the things I am thankful for, and I decided to list a fraction of them here.

my family
everyone that reads this blog :)
Sarah letting me borrow her car every Tuesday so I can go to the temple
Chelsea's emails, which are always just the thing I need to make my day good
conversing with Kristin about our love lives, or lack thereof
Michael Jackson music videos and his ability to solve the world's problems through dance
my job
cute nerdy boys that do things that endear them to me
Henry, who fills my life with song
Nate's generosity with his music library
The Grand Canyon State
December 8th
the guys of Anberlin responding to my emails
discovering Steppi's secret liking of Justin Timberlake, and thus rocking out to Love Stoned on the drive home
movies that shaped my childhood: The Princess Bride, TMNT, Darby O'Gill, etc.
this song

What a good life, and a great Thanksgiving.

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Sometimes, Comedy can be so Divine. Sort of like this fantastic hat. Haha, if Nate knew I put this one on here, well... I don't really know how he would react, but I love it.

As for us, we're so vain, we probably think this song is about us.Hooray for Anberlin! I also think its funny we both only have one eye in this picture.

Do You Find it Odd, That You Are Not as Strong As You Once Thought

Yesterday was a weird day. I don't really know what is up with me lately. As the Academy is... says I'm, "always up or down, never down and out." I don't know why graduating has to be so stressful. I don't know why I just want one thing to happen so much, and it isn't, so I have to pick something else, and settling on something is very unsettling. This is one of those trial periods that tests your faith, and I guess I start feeling like I'm not doing a very good job, and then that makes me react in unpleasant ways.
So, here is my dilemma. I graduate in December, and thusfar, have no definite plan for a job or something afterwards. I thought, I will at least stay home until I take the LSAT again, then maybe I'll hear back about an internship and move there. However, I don't think I should stay home. I know, that sounds ridiculous right? Whats wrong with home? Lots of my family is there, the rent is free, the food is free, and I don't really …

I Can Figure Out the Point of Anything

Steppi came to see me last night, and it was absolutely and utterly fantastic. And Steppi, I know I was half asleep this morning when you left, but I understood everything you said, don't even worry about it. Oh, and I love candid pics. Which is what this is.
Daylight savings time starts today/tonight/in two hours is when the clock officially goes back. I will never get used to DST. Every time I have to double check that I'm doing it right. I pretty much hate it. So I guess I'll have to spend the rest of my life in AZ, or HI, or certain parts of Indiana, that one confuses me... how can only some parts of the state not do it... Indiana, a bunch of weirdos I tell you.
Kristin's novel inspired me for about two seconds and I thought about copying her. Then I reazlied that that is complete insanity, I have enough to write right now. Then I thought about posting segments of my paper as I write, then I realized everyone would probably hate me, Kristin personally told me she wou…