I Can Figure Out the Point of Anything

Steppi came to see me last night, and it was absolutely and utterly fantastic. And Steppi, I know I was half asleep this morning when you left, but I understood everything you said, don't even worry about it. Oh, and I love candid pics. Which is what this is.
Daylight savings time starts today/tonight/in two hours is when the clock officially goes back. I will never get used to DST. Every time I have to double check that I'm doing it right. I pretty much hate it. So I guess I'll have to spend the rest of my life in AZ, or HI, or certain parts of Indiana, that one confuses me... how can only some parts of the state not do it... Indiana, a bunch of weirdos I tell you.
Kristin's novel inspired me for about two seconds and I thought about copying her. Then I reazlied that that is complete insanity, I have enough to write right now. Then I thought about posting segments of my paper as I write, then I realized everyone would probably hate me, Kristin personally told me she would stop reading my blog. After I stopped crying about that, I decided against it. Right now I'm listening to good old Stevie (Wonder that is) and he always makes me want to write something. So I have settled on a poem.
I wrote one... in my mind. You don't get to read it.


Kristin said…
good thing i can read minds.
steph said…
It was glorious, yet somehow i look like I have a mustache. hmmmm.
trb48 said…
You could live in Korea or Queensland Australia. No saving daylight there...
Chelsea said…
Yo, I've heard that some parts of Arizona actually do it too. I think I heard that one or two Indian Reservations do it. So, I guess our state's a bunch of weirdos too. What's funny to me is that "weirdos" is a perfectly good word and my spellchecker doesn't tell me it's spelled wrong (as it will do with made-up words). In fact, it said that "spellchecker" is spelled wrong.

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