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There are Seven Days in a Week

It's only Tuesday and I feel like it should be Saturday, May 14, 2011 (I think that is a Saturday, someone double check and get back to me.)

I had a class on Sunday. A law school class, not a church class (which I always have on Sunday and expect to have on Sunday and want to have on Sunday.) The law school class was three hours long. The professor is a German man who teaches at the top law school in Italy. He was funny and engaging. He spoke again to my comparative law class today. So I'm glad he wasn't boring.

Sunday night it got down to -23 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is -19 degrees at 8 AM your car makes horrible screeching noises when you start it. It was disturbing, and worrisome, but she seems to be doing okay.

I dropped a class yesterday. I feel infinitely better about this semester. I was sitting in the class thinking about how I didn't think the professor was a very good teacher (not able to transfer her vast knowledge on the subject to us students very well)…

Greetings from Vermont and a Moment with Henry: Forget and Not Slow Down

I got back to Vermont last night, unpacked, and thought about how I wanted to be in AZ.
Alas alack, here I am. In the library.
I lost an hour of my life trying to get the new faster wireless internet to work on my computer (I'd like to light this laptop on fire.) Now I need to read for International Human Rights Law, Corporations, and Legal Ethics (my classes for tomorrow.)
I've gotten one more grade back so far. Still waiting on four more.
I hope this semester is less stressful. I hope it still flies by so I can go home in May and be there for the summer.

Dear Vermont, you are a beautiful place. Coming out here has been so healthy for me for so many reasons. I think of who I was a year ago. Angry and bitter. Still too heartbroken to comprehend. I am not that anymore and I know that coming here helped me a lot. I don't truly love you though. You are not now, and never will be home. I don't miss you when I'm gone, and I dread coming back. Much of this is not your fa…

Remind Your Parents We're Tomorrow

I just stared and stared at it for about five minutes.

One grade. That's all I've gotten back so far. I have five other classes I'm waiting on and I have absolutely no idea what my grades will be in them and I'm incredibly nervous to find out.

But I poured four months of myself into this past semester and I felt drained and exhausted, and pretty much like I was never doing enough and was going to fail everything.

Then, there it was. An A in a class I took in law school. Last year I worked so hard for some frustrating Bs and B pluses. The difficulty of this last semester was like the first two combined. Plus three billion. Times a million. Divided by one. Minus zero. Yeah. It was that hard. Long late nights in the library until 11 or 12 PM. Sleepless nights wondering if all the effort was worth it.  Weeping and crying over some of the awful reading I was doing (seriously, deciding to write a paper on the correlation between pornography and violent crime is emotionally d…