There are Seven Days in a Week

It's only Tuesday and I feel like it should be Saturday, May 14, 2011 (I think that is a Saturday, someone double check and get back to me.)

I had a class on Sunday. A law school class, not a church class (which I always have on Sunday and expect to have on Sunday and want to have on Sunday.) The law school class was three hours long. The professor is a German man who teaches at the top law school in Italy. He was funny and engaging. He spoke again to my comparative law class today. So I'm glad he wasn't boring.

Sunday night it got down to -23 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is -19 degrees at 8 AM your car makes horrible screeching noises when you start it. It was disturbing, and worrisome, but she seems to be doing okay.

I dropped a class yesterday. I feel infinitely better about this semester. I was sitting in the class thinking about how I didn't think the professor was a very good teacher (not able to transfer her vast knowledge on the subject to us students very well) and that the 30 page paper was going to be a lot of work that I did not want to do. I have SO MUCH stuff on my plate this semester. So I dropped it while I was in class, and promptly stopped paying attention. It was fantastic.

I had a meeting with Dean Kujovich today about my AWR paper. He really loved my paper and gave me many high compliments on it, which was lovely. I also realized that I am the most awkward human being on the planet and that is why I mostly avoid any human contact.

I also recently discovered (today, about half an hour ago) that my desire for a bagel could be synonymous with a desire for a joint. Now I have no idea what I should say when I want a bagel so people don't get confused. Bagels are good. Joints are not.

On Saturday after I went to the temple (click on the link to learn more about temples); Kathy, her mom, and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch. We got dessert (something I never do.) I got a slice of ricotta cheesecake. It was honestly the best slice of cheesecake I have ever had in my entire life. It restored my faith in desserts, which in the past few years has fallen away as I mostly feel like any dessert I eat could be a hunk of lard with sugar poured on top for what it tastes like and what it's doing to my body, so mostly now I just avoid them entirely. I always wanted cheesecake at my wedding, but having become disillusioned by it, I thought maybe there would be no cake at my wedding (why do I think about these things when for now it seems I am destined to wander the earth lonely for the rest of my days?) but on Saturday I decided that I will have ricotta cheesecake at my reception (because I WILL get married folks, someday. Just you wait and see.)(Mom, please don't post a comment on how I can't give up hope because I'm not going to die alone and blah blah blah the right person blah blah blah. Let's just all agree we know that as my mother you want to say those things and I logically know it's true but being eternally single is still usually very depressing anyway.)

I've been listening to my summer sun songs to warm me up. I will probably post that on my music blog soon for everyone to listen to and enjoy.

Go drink some hot chocolate folks. I've got to brave the outside world to get back home!


dances alone said…
Lindsey, this post makes me happy, and I am just wondering what mood you were in when you posted it.

the temperatures you are describing are disgusting. I'm sorry.

The cheesecake sounds amazing and I love Macaroni Grill. Happiness.

I'm also glad your faith in deserts is restored, at least partly.

Sorry about your class.

Sorry about the bagel confusion. I love bagels.

You will get married. you just have to wait for the right guy to come along. With someone so special as you, you can't take just any ordianary guy. He's waiting, working to be worthy for you. (is that good, mama reynolds?)

I want summer! Remember not wearing coats? I'm really so sorry its so cold out there
Brian & Kyla said…
Cheesecake is a favorite of mine too! Hope it warms up there!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Sheena! Also, do you mean a knee joint because those are good. Also, I wish I had known about the cheese cake at Macaroni Grill when Dad and I went there for our anniversary dinner that someone so nicely gave us a gift card for. Blah, Blah, don't freeze your Winnebago!
Love, Mom
Renny said…
I can't believe you spelled Shena's name wrong mom. Unbelievable.
And no mom, I meant weed. Marijuana. Pot. Hash. Bagel (apparently).
Ace Rey said…
Marijuana is legal in AZ now. If we open a dispensary we will be rich, although we will no longer have souls.
Renny said…
I thought that measure just barely failed. And anyway, I think I'm okay with medical marijuana. Don't tell mom.
Docface said…
They recounted and and it passed. Also, I read that. The problem is, there is no "medical marijuana." They have no farms that are strictly for medical purposes, and there is no standardization of dosage. This law is just an excuse to make it legal.
And, I knew what you meant, I was kidding. Also, I spelled Shena's name the way it sounds. I teach phonics. Sorry Shena.

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