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The Reawakening

Lately I've been trapped in the sandpit of law school. Today I can emerge from the bunker a bit. Breathe in fresh air, get some sunlight (metaphorically speaking, its raining hardcore today) and have some sense of life come back into me.

Of course I still have a ton of reading to do, and some appointments to set up. I need to figure out where I'm living for next year, I'd like to hear back from places I've applied so summer plans can be made, and finals are just around the corner.... but in this moment I need to stop and take a breath and... catch up on the blog.

About a month ago I left the country for the first time ever. Finally. I still haven't posted pictures of my Montreal trip. So here they are.
Montreal was great. People spoke French, I understood it. Then I spoke it back. It made me happy. It made me  miss French.
Also, many of these pictures were taken through a dirty car window. Kathy didn't really want to stop and get out since it was cold any snowy, an…

Fashion is Spinach

I really desperately needed to do laundry this week. So I went shopping.

I really, truly, do not understand this trend of, "please, make me look pregnant." I stood in the dressing room staring at myself in one shirt, and I thought it was the most ridiculous looking thing I had ever seen. Granted, I probably should have tried it on in a smaller size, but as that thing billowed and swirled around me I just thought,

"You know this look will never EVER work!" And let me tell you why.

Some day I intend to be a mother. When I am pregnant I plan on wearing the cutest maternity clothes stores have to offer. I, like so many of my friends who have been pregnant or are now, will glow with that happy excitement that comes with being pregnant and looking forward to being a mom. When a woman is pregnant she has a completely different look about her.

Right now though, I am single. I'm not even in a serious relationship with the possibility of marriage, I'm not even really sur…

A Moment with Henry: Seasons

I am so in love with this song. I am so in love with mae.
This is a letter that accompanied the song on the album (they wrote a letter for each song, how can you not love that?)
Have you ever laid close enough to the ocean to feel it breathe? As a boy, I used to think that the tide was created by the earth spinning around in space. Like a child carrying a cup of water from the sink to the table, the ocean sloshed back and forth with each timid step in its race to complete the day. Air fills the lungs and leaves the lungs bringing oxygen through our blood to sustain life. The chest rises and falls like music in time to a stranger more mysterious rhythm. It's in these quiet moments that we get a hint about the wonder and majesty of the universe and of life. My hope is that this music and these images give you a reason to take a moment to be still and ponder these mysteries from a new perspective. "Seasons" is a story about relationships in time. It is a dance between a day and a ye…