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Strange Magic

Oh man, what a journey it was! My dad and I booked it to Vermont and arrived in South Royalton on Sunday afternoon. I've spent the past three days entrenched in orientation. Some family friends from Boston came up and offered all manner of assistance to me while I'm out here, (for which I'm grateful) and kept my dad company while I was in orientation.

South Royalton was a bit of a culture shock because it is so green, and the roads are small and curvy, and I'm going to die either from ice or bears, and the town is TINY!!!
It is quaint and cute, and although the smallness was the least of my worries, I guess it was the only one I could really articulate cause my dad kept asking me how I was feeling about it, and really after the first few hours of "holy Friday nobody lives here" I kind of got over that. It is more unnerving to be so far away from everyone I know but I think its going to be good here. Until a bear eats me, that is going to be lame.

road trip ru…

A Moment With Henry: Breakaway

"Do you remember when we didn't care? We were just two kids who took the moment when it was there." - Another Heart Calls Things about Provo I'm going to miss: going to concerts with NateGilmore Girls with Shena and sometimes SmallsSunday night movies with Stephen, Lindsey, and Kyla (and various and sundry other people)Monday night movies in the park with Steve, Shena and Sarahdiscussing music, movies, and television with NateGuru's and Hello Yogurtlate night discussions with Shenalate night discussions/ book club with Tylerdoing anything and everything with Aliciacomplaining about guys and dating with Shena and Jackie, and sometimes Sarahpumpkin partiesevening walks and feeling safefeeding old people lunch (Meals on Wheels)being hopeful about the future, and being surrounded by friends and funhappy memories of being in love, spots of first kisses (and seconds, and thirds),retracing the steps we took on those lost summer nights, being back there by your side"I…

A Song for Addie

This past week was a hard one, I heard that some family friends lost their daughter in a car accident and another one was in the hospital in Salt Lake. There were a lot of tears, a lot of stress, and a lot of prayers, and some amazing moments where I felt so close to God.
There is so much about life I don't understand. I felt myself shaken to the very core this week remembering a little girl I used to baby sit, who used to come to my house and play with my little sister. Things that you think are normal and will never change. Nobody should have to lose a child right? Its never expected or planned for or wanted, and what do you say to someone when it happens, especially when you are so close to tears yourself?
So, here is an email I sent to someone filled with my memories of Addie, including a song I wrote for her on Tuesday night when I got the news. Its my way of processing this grief; finding solace in my own eternal family, a loving Heavenly Father who created a perfect plan, and…