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An ode to buyback:

Standing in line, a pile of books-
waiting forever, and wondering,
" Is this one really worth $87.95?"
but pay you must,
and in buyback you trust.
"BYU says I'll get 60 per cent,
with all of that money, I can still pay the rent!"
Alack, Alack, its a lie I fear,
the returns on my books, decrease with each year!
Its not my fault my major is history!
They're all paperback, but they sure weren't free!
They read my return price,
a dollar, maybe two, my heart is in my throat, whatever shall I do?
There is always book exchange, but oh what a hassle!
Who else would read, "History of a Tassle?"
So my dear friends, its to the bookstore I go,
hoping that next time, I'll get payed more.
I spent 40 dollars, and got $2.75
good thing I'm going back to Provo, or I'd never survive!

Hooray for Dads

Tomorrow is father's day, and I couldn't do my dad the disservice of not blogging about him when I wrote about how cool my mom is. Especially since his birthday is the day after father's day. Besides, my parent's coolness is co-equal, please, stop being jealous... it won't change the fact that they aren't your parents. So, here is a homage to my dad, who has worked hard to provide for and take care of my family. He has taught me the importance of getting my education and not quitting. Although he can be grumpy sometimes, my dad is still the funniest guy on the earth. (I should know since I inherited his incredibly witty and hilarious sense of humor.) So thanks dad, for all that you do for our family, and getting my jokes when they go over other people's heads ( thats what happens with comical geniuses such as ourselves.) Happy Father's day, and happy birthday, and I hope that you get your giant cookie even though I'm not there to make it ( ahem... A…

Basking blissfully in the glow...

So, I have little more than a week left here in Hawaii, and I'm looking forward to getting back to Provo and seeing everyone (and watching the movie Kristin!!), but I decided I could no longer deny my loyal fans the right to an update on my life.

Saving the day, one angry customer at a time:
You know how sometimes things seem to happen in just such a way that you know that the Lord had to have a hand in it?? Well, I feel like thats what happened to me at work last night. I was working upstairs for Ambassador ( the restaurant I DIDN'T get hired at...) and I really hate working over there because people pay more, so they expect more, therefore there is a greater potential for things to go wrong, and people to get angrier when they do. Last night, we pretty much ran out of all of the food that people come here to eat... including prime rib. There were some customers that were pretty upset, but I checked twice on whether or not more prime rib would be coming, and when I came back t…

State of the Union

I was planning on telling the harrowing tale of what Chelsea and I had to endure the other evening, but she told it so well, I don't think that I could even do it justice now. So, go to Chelm's blog(she is the war hero link on the side) and find out what happened. That is all the news I have for now. Two more weeks, my foot is in the door...

Hug a Pineapple

I am back with more photos. These will be the last ones until I return to the mainland because it is too difficult to get my pictures developed here. This post will be kind of long, but there will be pictures and links to keep you entertained.

Ah the Memories!!
I finally got my picutres developed and there were a few from before I left Provo. Like this one of Steve and Bukran at the last breakfast bash. Its crazy to think that I will soon be returning to little Provo and the dear Brittany.
The other day Chelsea and I went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation and we saw how pineapples grow. Its really so crazy. We took some pretty funny pictures that you will just have to wait to see. I also tried a pineapple float. Pineapple juice with pineapple ice cream. When I say pineapple ice cream I don't mean vanilla ice cream with pineapple chunks, I mean pineapple flavored. It was so good!!!

We also spent the day at Hale'Iwa( pronounced hall-eh-eve-uh). We looked in some of their cool little …