Hooray for Dads

Tomorrow is father's day, and I couldn't do my dad the disservice of not blogging about him when I wrote about how cool my mom is. Especially since his birthday is the day after father's day. Besides, my parent's coolness is co-equal, please, stop being jealous... it won't change the fact that they aren't your parents. So, here is a homage to my dad, who has worked hard to provide for and take care of my family. He has taught me the importance of getting my education and not quitting. Although he can be grumpy sometimes, my dad is still the funniest guy on the earth. (I should know since I inherited his incredibly witty and hilarious sense of humor.) So thanks dad, for all that you do for our family, and getting my jokes when they go over other people's heads ( thats what happens with comical geniuses such as ourselves.) Happy Father's day, and happy birthday, and I hope that you get your giant cookie even though I'm not there to make it ( ahem... Alicia...)


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