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Somewhere Only We Know

This is officially it my dears. The last pre mission post. Yesterday my grandma, two aunts, and an uncle came into town. Today was my last day at work and I was given presents and cake. Tomorrow is the party at my parent's house. Sunday I get set apart as a missionary. Sometime this weekend I have to pack. Monday we leave for Utah. Wednesday at 1:30 PM I enter into the MTC.

You know what is crazy? I am not freaking out about this at all. That is very unlike me. You know how I was the last time I went to France. I sat on the plane thinking, "turn around, turn around. TURN. THE PLANE. AROUND!" This time I'm like, "yeah... I'm going." It is so nice to know that someone else is taking care of the travel details for me. Unless this is an "Other Side of Heaven" situation and I have to sit in a make shift storage prison because nobody is there to get me and the French didn't know I was coming. Oh well, at least I'll have my trumpet to keep me…

The Lamp is Growing Dim

We're in the final countdown here my friends. I spoke in church today, my "farewell" talk if you will. I ended up getting a little teary eyed while speaking, something I don't like to do and usually don't do. Today I was overwhelmed by the people that came to see me, people I hadn't seen in a while, and a few people I really wasn't expecting to see at all. It was so lovely.

The only sad part of the day was that I arrived at the church early to practice the song my sister and sister in law would be singing. I was opening up the piano and the top part snapped down on one of the buttons on my sweater and it broke into a million pieces and shot everywhere. Now my cute turquoise cardigan is missing a button, and I don't know where the spare is. :( I must find a new button before I leave.

This Saturday we are having an open house with lots of delicious french foods (no escargots I promise.) If you're in the Phoenix area I'd love it if you could stop…