Somewhere Only We Know

This is officially it my dears. The last pre mission post. Yesterday my grandma, two aunts, and an uncle came into town. Today was my last day at work and I was given presents and cake. Tomorrow is the party at my parent's house. Sunday I get set apart as a missionary. Sometime this weekend I have to pack. Monday we leave for Utah. Wednesday at 1:30 PM I enter into the MTC.

You know what is crazy? I am not freaking out about this at all. That is very unlike me. You know how I was the last time I went to France. I sat on the plane thinking, "turn around, turn around. TURN. THE PLANE. AROUND!" This time I'm like, "yeah... I'm going." It is so nice to know that someone else is taking care of the travel details for me. Unless this is an "Other Side of Heaven" situation and I have to sit in a make shift storage prison because nobody is there to get me and the French didn't know I was coming. Oh well, at least I'll have my trumpet to keep me company... oh, wait.

Anyway. Here it is, the address. I know how terrible I was about writing all of my friends whilst they were missioning. Once each I believe. So, if that is all you can muster in the next 18 months I'll understand. I would LOVE to hear from you though. There is nothing better than letters in the mail. I will respond if you write me.

So, while I am in the MTC (about six weeks) my address will be:

Sister Lindsey Marie Reynolds
MTC Mailbox # 228
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Then when I am in France it will be:

Sister Lindsey Marie Reynolds
France Lyon Mission
Lyon Business Centre
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon 

my email address is:

I don't know what my email rules will be yet, so if you email me leave you address in the email and if I can't respond electronically I'll write you back.

So I leave you with a Chanson de Mission and tell you I love you, and thanks for reading. I'll see you when I get back, because you better believe I'll be mission blogging like there is no tomorrow come August of next year.


The Petersons said…
I'm so excited for you! You are going to have such an amazing experience. You will be a wonderful missionary! The people of France are so lucky to have you!XOXOXO!
Ande said…
Good luck! I'm so excited for you. You will do great. I will miss reading your blog, however. Have a fantastic time!
Ande said…
I love that you're home! I saw you pinned something on Pinterest the other day and got so excited! Can't wait to read about your life.

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