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Having Fun Isn't Hard, When You've Got a Library Card

For as long as I can remember the library has been an integral part of my life and entertainment. Every summer my siblings and I would participate in the summer reading contest, how exciting to fill in the spaces for the books and pages we read, and end up with a signed poster of the Phoenix Suns.I remember the first grade, when I got second place for the most books read in the entire year, I can't remember if it was out of the whole school or just the first grade, but I remember thinking that the girl that beat me had probably cheated. I stand by that statement. In high school I spent a lot of time at the public library studying, just being surrounded by books. In college I'd head to the public library sometimes just to sit outside and think, other times to explore the shelves within.
I have always loved to read, there is a magic in books (well good books, books like Twilight contain anti magic) that transcends the mundane we want to escape from when we crack open a good book.…

Someone's At the Crash Site, Digging Me Out

I can't really remember when I first started thinking about law school, but I do remember that by the time I was a freshman in high school it was the definite plan. It seemed so far away then, some sort of fantastic dream. I think that I still have not even fully realized that the time for it to actually happen is quite soon.
I don't know what it is about life that I have so much trouble with. I still haven't really comprehended that I graduated from college, and that was a year and a half ago. I hear people talk about classes, tests, books, papers, finals, grades, semesters, and I miss it. I feel like I've just been ditching like that recurring nightmare I'd have at the beginning of every semester, its finals week and there was a class I completely forgot about and didn't go to all semester and now my GPA is ruined.
The first time I took the LSAT I hardly studied at all, only about two months. I wasn't too worried about it, my first practice test I got a 162…

Like Salt in the Snow

Remember when you were a kid and you'd go swimming or playing in the sprinklers, and then you'd come inside and stay in your swimsuit while you ate lunch and watched whatever movie or Ramona Quimby tape you had checked out from the library? You felt your skin getting tighter and tighter from the chlorine, your mom warning you that your hair was going to turn green, but you just didn't feel like putting forth the effort to shower and change back into normal clothes? Well that is the flashback I'm having right now. I just got back from the gym... half an hour ago. I'm still in my swimsuit, my hair still feels poolish, I just ate a yogurt, and I am listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.I know I need to hop into the shower, I just don't feel like it yet. Here is another phenomenon the pool reminded me of today. When I first started swim team I thought I was going to die. No, seriously, die. I realized that swimming lessons do not teach you how to swi…