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A Mighty Fine Life

So much has happened in the past week, its crazy!! As most of you probably know by now, Chelmo and P-Spice are engaged!! So Chelm's mom came out here for a few days and we went hard core dress shopping and found the perfect dress for Chelm. She looks so beautiful in it, it was fun and I'm glad she let me go with her.
This picture is from the intense connect four tournament we had a few weeks ago. This summer has been so fun so far! I don't know how much more of this I can handle! Probably another month, and then school will start, that's depressing! Anyway, I didn't fare too well at this game, Danny and James were pretty much amazing at it though, I was highly impressed.This is Molly with Lindsey the cat and her kittens. She gave birth to six kittens, four of them lived. We named them Calyspo, Jorge Burris, Merlin Bellcurve Reynolds, and Condoleezza. Unfortunately, Animal Control picked her up last Monday and so Lindsey and her family left, however, I have full fait…

An enraged young woman is never a good thing

I would just like to say that I hate my computer. I was halfway through my new post when there was a knock on the door.So I got up to answer it, and when I returned my computer had taken it upon itself to erase everything that I had already typed. Anyway, the long and short of it, I'm back in Provo and there are no pictures because the scanner on campus wouldn't work. Don't worry I haven't given up on posting them, it will just take a little longer than I thought.
Anyway, I now have a job as a paralegal, I call people and ask them if they want their credit fixed. It s a pretty good job, except I work at six in the morning and have to be a mooch for a ride becase its in south Provo and I don't want to walk there at five in the morning so that I can get there by six. The pay is pretty good however.

Its so nice to be back in the BYU 51st ward, its such a good place. Two weekends ago we watched the movie of our lives, it was so grand, I pretty much am going to make ever…