An enraged young woman is never a good thing

I would just like to say that I hate my computer. I was halfway through my new post when there was a knock on the door.So I got up to answer it, and when I returned my computer had taken it upon itself to erase everything that I had already typed. Anyway, the long and short of it, I'm back in Provo and there are no pictures because the scanner on campus wouldn't work. Don't worry I haven't given up on posting them, it will just take a little longer than I thought.
Anyway, I now have a job as a paralegal, I call people and ask them if they want their credit fixed. It s a pretty good job, except I work at six in the morning and have to be a mooch for a ride becase its in south Provo and I don't want to walk there at five in the morning so that I can get there by six. The pay is pretty good however.

Its so nice to be back in the BYU 51st ward, its such a good place. Two weekends ago we watched the movie of our lives, it was so grand, I pretty much am going to make everyone watch it. My sister and her friends came to visit the weekend before they went to EFY and I made them watch it. It was fun to have my sister here and get to spend a few days with her and have her see me in my element. It is also extremely nice not to be taking any classes for summer term, I have very little stress in my life, and that is grand.

I'll try to post some pictures of fourth of July weekend and the Fourth of July because it was lots of fun. That is pretty much my life right now! Its grand fun to be spending my summer in a place that isn't 110 degrees by sunrise! Well, thats pretty much it!


ccortez said…
Sorry you hate your computer.
ccortez said…
Sorry I am ditching you. I wish I could just be your roommie forever. If you do go to BYU Law school, maybe you will still be around when Katie gets here and then you guys could live together. Ha. Actually, no, I guess you won't be around that long.
ccortez said…
And I don't think Cameron's going to come to BYU.
micheal said…
what?! you are back already?! wow-that went by fast! so sorry i wasn't a better corresponder :( so are you going to make it back to phx before school starts? i miss you! i shall call you soon and we catch up! So weirdly I have a job working for financial aid so I gave them their loans and then you consolidate them- we make a good team! :-D

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