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Give it Up

So last night was The Format concert. It was so rad.How could it not be when they're from AZ? It was a nice little cap off to my summer, which is now almost over. My job as a TA has been verified, next week will be my last week as a paralegal, and the time has come for me to buy books and backpacks...I hope I don't get in a fight... sorry, random Billy Madison moment.

Anyway, this summer has been fantabulous, yes I did just use that fake word. Being in Provo for the summer has been a good experience for me. Now I feel like something is just around the corner, besides school that is... I'm not quite sure what it is, but I know its going to be great whatever it is... Is it possible that it could be my fall semester opener... also known as the Mae concert on Sept. 6??Its possible... however, I don't think thats it...I feel like this summer has been such a great learning experience to prepare me for some great new even that is going to come my way. Maybe I'm making tha…

Mahalo for Being in Standards so We Can Serve You

Here are some pictures from my last night in Hawaii. Our ward went to Waikiki and to see Cirque Hawaii perform. It was a lot of fun. The guy in the pictures is Hoon, our home teacher. The girl that isn't Chelm or I is Fifita. She worked with us at the PCC and she is from Tonga. I loved Hawaii and I'm so glad I went. It was really one of the best experiences of my life for so many reasons that would be incomprehensible to anyone reading this blog. Its good to be back in Provo, but sometimes I miss Hawaii. I'm grateful that I got to have this once in a lifetime opportunity.

God Bless America!

Happy Birthday Chelsea (okay so its a month late, but you can't deny the patriotism of a Strawberry Shortcake pinata.)

A simple Request

Please go to to vote for the movie Glad I Got a Sword Today! This is a film made by Steve Shimek and if you vote for it and it wins then you can see the other episodes, as this is a three part contest. Clicking on the link I have so graciously provided will take you to the website. Search for Glad I Got a Sword Today and then vote vote vote. Additionally, you can watch the other movies and realize that you want to keep voting for ours! Tell all your friends, and watch for my cameo in the video!