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A Tragicomedy of Poetic Verse

If you could please all forgive me, I am taking the time to wax philosophical within this post. So Friday night I went and saw the movie "Stranger than Fiction." This was a highly good film and I would recommend that everyone go see it. Take home made cookies with you too, because you'll want to eat them.The premise of this film, for those of you that don't know, is that the main character, Harold Crick, begins hearing a voice in his head, narrating his life in third person omniscient. The voice is right about a lot of things, and is mainly very annoying until Harold hears the voice say that he is going to die. So, I began thinking about life and death. After all, thats the point of art, to make you think about life and death. So I did. We are all, for the most part going to taste of death at some point on this journey. Death in some form will come to all of us, through the loss of a loved one, or through our own. It will happen, we cannot stop it. So why did it becom…

Sound the Alarms and Break all the Levers

Here is a lovely link to listen to Anberlin, since for some reason, many of you have not been exposed. It includes a completely rad acoustic version of "A Day Late." hear them, love them.

The Closer I Come to You...

Last night it finally happened. The moment every girl dreams about from her childhood. Or at least from the first time she heard the radio static that marks the beginning of "A Day Late." Or that way rad guitar part that comes in just before the chorus of "Audrey! Start the Revolution!" Thats right, I saw Anberlin live in concert!!!!!!
Can I just say, that was the best experience of my life! Anberlin performing "The Feel Good Drag" was in itself worth the money I dropped on that show.They also performed a song from their new CD, Cities, which comes out in February. It was awesome! They just keep getting better and better. I think Nate summed it up perfectly when he said, "I am never going to miss seeing Anberlin live again!" My sentiments exactly. After they get done with this tour they are going to be going on their own headlining tour. So I sent them an email saying, please don't forget about Utah. Now I just have to pray its not on a Sunda…