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Chanson de Semaine

Happy Monday everyone!

So about a month back Playlist decided that it no longer would permit it's content to be played on third party websites, such as my blog.

Now I know most of you never listened to my song of the week anyway. I, however, love my song of the week, and this entire: you must click this to go there to do that.... garbage... was unacceptable to me.

So, playlist is gone, in exchange for this lovely youtube video (it is not lovely) on the sidebar.

This week is Poco's Keep on Tryin'. Such a quality song (high quality according to the uploader. I would have to agree.) Enjoy.

Also enjoy my niece, who is adorable. This is on her first birthday. The only way blogger will let me upload photos is from a URL. I must go complain.

Lost in Translation

I think I'm still experiencing some Olympic ennuie. "Why isn't Michael Phelps on my television? Why am I not crying over the Fab Five? Why isn't my mom asking me the names of the Chinese divers?" After the Olympics end I don't really know what to do with my life.

Compound that with the fact that I feel like I have nothing to do with my life and it makes life pretty boring. What I need to do is finish my Character and Fitness Application and make doctor and dental appointments to get my mission papers all finished up. Also, I need to think of something interesting to blog about for you lovely people.

I have nothing interesting to blog about. I mean I seriously considered telling you about how I killed a cockroach the other day. Who wants to hear about that? Nobody. I also had a dream that this family I go to church with was a bunch of vampire zombies and I was frustrated because I couldn't leave their house because I had taken all of my bar review books ov…

God Save the Queen

Guys, I love the Olympics. I really love them a lot.

Especially the swimming. Man do I love the swimming. All of the swimming, but especially the men. So, this post brought me no end of joy. Especially the part when she says that Nathan Adrian should marry one of her readers. It should probably me. I really need to marry a swimmer. This must happen.

It isn't just about the well chiseled abs and awesome arms. Although I do love that part. The swimming is so exciting. Down to the hundredths of a second! Michael Phelps! Chad Le Clos! Swimming fast! Missy Freeman is so smiley and cute! How does Michael Phelps swim so fast doing the Butterfly? The Butterfly is hard! Yay water! I love the smell of chlorine! Gold medals! USA USA USA!

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

On a Sunday

Hello my darlings.

My goodness I missed you all! I got into quite a rhythm this summer, going over to my brother and sister-in-law's house and studying for 8-9 hours each day. Towards the end I really started to feel like that was all my life was ever going to be. Studying for the bar and nothing else. No taking the bar. No passing the bar. No putting in mission papers. No going on a mission. No getting a job. No getting married. No owning my own home. No kids. Nothing. Just sitting in Tyler and Jessica's den studying all day. That was all there ever was. That was all there ever would be. It was an awful feeling. I am glad it is over, but sometimes now I forget that I have other things I need to do. I spent two months not doing them. Now I need to get back into the swing of things.

I had lots of ideas for what my first blog post back would be about. Like my adorable niece's first birthday party.

(Pictures to come, when blogger stops acting stupid.)

Or show you that I actua…