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Stand Up: I'm Trying Hard to Be Myself Again

This is my blog of thankfulness. Since you know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. So I have a lot of people and things in my life that I am thankful for. I just wanted to blog about something in particular that I've been thinking about lately.
It started a couple of weeks ago when I was thinking about accessibility and celebrity. We get into such a mindset here with famous people of elevating them onto this pedestal of greatness, and only if we got to shake their hand, or stand near them for a moment it would be so wonderful and exciting. I do this just like everyone else. When we met Anberlin last year I was so excited to take a picture with them and talk to Stephen Christian for a few minutes, but, does he remember who I am right now? Mostly likely no. That's how it is here in this mortal life. Famous people have masses of people around them all the time, even good people like Mother Teresa couldn't possible meet all the people that knew and loved her, and she couldn't possi…

Unwinding Cable Car

You know, now that the election is over I've realized something. I stayed away from large numbers of political posts. I felt that I had said my piece, and I knew how I was voting. I just got sick of the whole conflicting thing. Hurt feelings, angry friends, misunderstandings... politics is stressful. I just wanted to pretend for a moment that the issues facing our nation didn't affect me on a daily basis although I know that isn't true.
So I blogged about pumpkin parties and concerts and the bad day I recently had. Not that I regret those posts. I don't want my blog to be about any one thing, and those things were all parts of my life that I care about. The thing is however, now that its over and done I feel sort of... guilty. I could have explained my view points better. I could have discussed Prop 8 and Prop 102 in AZ. I could have talked more about health care to prove my point about Barack's plan not being any cheaper. Maybe it wouldn't have changed things.…

I'm a Stitch Away...

Did you know that I am a crazy person? It sort of astounds me at times. Its funny because they say admitting you have a problem is the first step, but they never tell you what to do after that.
Saturday night I hit this crashing low. The lowness of it was astonishing. I was not in a good place at all. Sunday morning came and I ended up feeling better, thanks to Trent reminding me that laughing at myself and my absurdity is important and necessary. Actually, Sunday in general was fairly entertaining, thanks very much for that Trent.
Monday came however and things really weren't much better. I knew it would happen. I knew it was coming, I knew it would pass. Its so funny that despite knowing all of these things its still so hard to get over it in the moment.
There was one thing that really helped lift my spirits very much last night, but today I could still feel that clenching nervousness that comes every time. My insanity frustrates me so much. Just now the worry has passed and my hor…