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Always Mindful of Thanksgiving

I wasn't going to blog today, or really probably for another few weeks, and this post will be brief but I just wanted to tell you something.

I have been so overwhelmed with school this semester. When I took my schedule to my counselor last year she didn't bother to inform me that taking two seminar classes with AWR length papers during the same semester that I am taking Appellate was probably the worst decision anyone could ever make.

Not a single word.

In fact, she told me me schedule looked great.

So I have been killing myself all semester and feeling like I'm not doing enough and I have no clue where my grades are going to end up.

I received feedback on both of my papers this week and I was feeling this overwhelming sense of, "I am not going to have enough time to get all of this done. My papers are going to be terrible and I'm going to fail."

I was really upset. I'm leaving for New York tomorrow and I've been so excited because I've wanted to …

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The other night as I lay in bed and watched the minutes mercilessly tick by, I began contemplating the incredibly depressing concept of time.

Time is so finite; all things here must end. We stop being an infant, we stop being a child. Seasons change, and thus they end. Years end, months end, days end, minutes and seconds all must end. Even things we do on a regular basis must end. Night continuously cycles into day, and with it goes our sleep, then waking hours end. We eat food, and the calories consumed eventually burn up and we require more.

I read good books, and then they end, I watch good movies, they end too; a perfect song can be three minutes and twenty seconds long and then... even if I hit repeat it's not continuing, it's starting over, and it will end again.

When you become a mother, the instant your child is born she is slipping from you. She draws her first independent breath, and snap! Before you know it she is no longer a new born, no longer a toddler, no longer…