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10 AM Automatic

Normally I like to stay politically ambiguous. Its been my experience that no matter what anyone's intentions are in conversations about politics, it always ends in anger, rage, and ranting.

Once I told people who I was voting for. This was safe because I was not voting for either of the major runners. Like if I had said, "I'm voting for Barack Obama," people that hate him/democrats would have said, "what?? I'm burning your house down!!!" If I had said, "I'm voting for John McCain," people that hate him/republicans would have said, "what?? I'm finding you and cutting you up into tiny little pieces!!!" I said, "I'm voting for Bob Barr," and people said, "who's that?" shrugged, and decided to read something else.
I think this is for the best, I can't handle arguments of the political rant type. They cause a short circuit in my brain that ends up with me crying in the corner while rocking back and f…

There's Still Some Living Left When Your Prime Comes and Goes

Sometimes I think, "wouldn't it be cool if a lot of people read my blog? Like I was one of those famous bloggers?" Then I ponder on how I can do that.

I think, "maybe I could paint pictures like Allie Brosh on Hyperbole and a Half."

but I'm not artistic.

Then I think, maybe I can make my blog all theme-y like Cake Wrecks.

but we've seen how much people read the last theme blog I tried. blogging FAIL.

Then I think, "perhaps I can have a satire blog, that mocks other blogs like *Seriously So Blessed," 

but I don't know what to mock, and anyway, mocking people is kinda mean, so I just don't think I'd be able to continue it.

Then I think, "maybe I can do a photography blog and post all the pictures I take."

photographed by me: Copyright 2010
but then you might think I'm a legitimate photographer, and that would be misleading.

Then I think, "I could do a food blog, or an arts and crafts blog and post pictures of the amazing thi…

Detox Just to Retox

During the tail end of the semester and finals I sort of abandoned the blog. I know some of you might think it really wasn't that long that I went without posting, but for me, a month is kind of long.

While I was away this little blog of mine was not forgotten. I had all these post ideas swirling around in my head. So, now that I have the time to post them, get ready for the blogging time of your life.

We'll start with this.

Renny Presents: Some of My Favorite Cases from this Past Year

Sometimes in law school you read really awful cases that make you sick to your stomach and keep you up at night wonder what it is that makes people act so horribly towards other people. Then you get a priceless gem that helps you keep your sanity. Such are these cases.

Like the Contracts case where the kid saw a Pepsi commercial. You could collect Pepsi points to get things out of their catalog. In the commercial at the end was a Harrier Jet, the kid decided he wanted that and collected 7 million poi…


Finish first year of law school     check.

This video pretty much sums it all up.