There's Still Some Living Left When Your Prime Comes and Goes

Sometimes I think, "wouldn't it be cool if a lot of people read my blog? Like I was one of those famous bloggers?" Then I ponder on how I can do that.

I think, "maybe I could paint pictures like Allie Brosh on Hyperbole and a Half."

but I'm not artistic.

Then I think, maybe I can make my blog all theme-y like Cake Wrecks.

but we've seen how much people read the last theme blog I tried. blogging FAIL.

Then I think, "perhaps I can have a satire blog, that mocks other blogs like *Seriously So Blessed," 

but I don't know what to mock, and anyway, mocking people is kinda mean, so I just don't think I'd be able to continue it.

Then I think, "maybe I can do a photography blog and post all the pictures I take."

photographed by me: Copyright 2010

but then you might think I'm a legitimate photographer, and that would be misleading.

Then I think, "I could do a food blog, or an arts and crafts blog and post pictures of the amazing things I make.

but then I think, "nah. I don't feel like it. Plus I'm not crafty."

After all of this idea pursuing I think, "hm, I guess I'll just keep the blog how it is, and perhaps at some point I'll put more effort in my writing and so more people will just read it."

but then I think, "I don't know if I want more people to read it. I like that its just my friends and family."

Then I think, " but if more people read it, that would be cool." 

So, as you can see, this is very circular thinking. 

Sometimes when I read old blog posts I think, "I used to be funnier. Why'd I let myself get so unfunny and angry and such?" So friends, I'm going to try and bring the funny back into my blog.

but that isn't its theme.

*If you're not Mormon you might not get that blog. **

** If you are Mormon, you still might not get that blog.


dances alone said…
ahhh, i like your blog though. After getting addicted to the hyperbole blog, I did think...whoa. blogging can be so much more. And those are cool. But I like being able to read about you and how you are doing. and i don't think it's so much that you lost humor on your blog as that you stopped posting. like at all. for quite some time. remedy that and i think all will be well :)
Docface said…
What makes a legitimate photographer anyway? I think if you can take pics, you are legit. Also, about your last blog where you talked about your favorite cases, could you please post the outcomes of the cases because now I am curious!
Ande Payne said…
Haha. You totally captured thoughts I'm sure every blogger has at some point or another. I've always thought you were funny, so I can't wait for more Renny humor!
Renny said…
Mom a legitimate photographer is someone with a Nikon camera and a tripod who takes people's money when they take their photos, and they use photoshop to awesome them up.

The outcome of every single case was that everyone died.

Just kidding, I did tell you the outcome of the Property case though, the house was haunted as a matter of law.

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